Good morning, here’s a picture of a donkey in pants

Good morning, here’s a picture of a donkey in pants August 26, 2013

Maybe God is all of the dismissive words that we throw out to try to silence those who are fighting for change and for justice.”

“I don’t like the platonic god. I don’t think Jesus did either.”

“If they were valid, we’d still be able to stone people to death for working on the Sabbath.”

“Previous studies suggest that human memories are created over time through the formation of neuronal connections enhanced and strengthened through meaningful association, but our research suggests that all of our perceptions of the past, including recollections of important life milestones and learned knowledge of events in human history, were in fact inserted into our brains at the universe’s moment of creation a little more than five minutes ago.”

“The special pants are working swimmingly, and Haim will soon receive pants for his hind legs as well.”

“Fiction has a unique power to communicate alternative world views — I first learned feminism from Buffy while I was still in a Christian fundamentalist church.”

“Despite being surrounded by ice for 800 miles in every direction, and 8,000 miles away from the local bars I knew, it seemed completely familiar to me: there were six bar stools, a scattering of tables and couches, a pool table, TV and music.”

“They are very strong creatures, and she was pushing very hard against my shin.”

“I can’t help thinking that this is an astoundingly foolish thing to do, yet at the same time being mesmerized by this.”

“It’s really easy to ignore all the science that doesn’t affect how you cross the street, which is most of it, and act as a citizen in ways that are profoundly dangerous for everyone.”

“A recent investigation by Suzanne Goldenberg from The Guardian revealed that over the past decade a pair of anonymous donors gave more than $100 million to U.S. groups that deny a human role in climate change.”

“Later, she learned that cash-for-freedom deals had become a point of pride for Tenaha, and that versions of the tactic were used across the country.”

“In the afternoon of Saint Never’s day

Well done.”


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  • JustoneK

    Unexpected whimsy from Fred today! That ass looks good in those pants.

  • “Later, she learned that cash-for-freedom deals had become a point of pride for Tenaha, and that versions of the tactic were used across the country.”

    Ah, another asset forfeiture case. I see they didn’t even bother with the expedient of suing the parents’ inanimate property, they just went in for the kill with the shakedown and threat to their kids.

    So when a kidnapper threatens a person’s child to get money, that’s illegal, but when a prosecutor or a cop does the same, that’s “good technique”.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Fred, I love your titles. You have *such* a way with words.

  • Baby_Raptor

    From the second link: That God does not hesitate to participate in the human drama, to encounter humanity within the limits of the human experience.

    Then why do so many people spend years trying to find god, only to find nothing, hear nothing, ETC and eventually give up? I guess some of us just aren’t good enough for god to spend time on?

  • Isabel C.


    I like the “do nothing for two minutes” app, though it counts Outlook automatic notifications against me. Still, starting over doesn’t hurt.

  • Jay in Oregon

    With that article title, I was both sad and relieved that the article had nothing to do with Miley Cyrus.

  • Carstonio

    “I think you cannot ignore the importance of ideology here,” Goldenberg said. “A lot of wealthy conservatives who are opposed to action on climate change, not because all their money is wrapped up an oil companies, but because they really are opposed any kind of government intervention in the economy.”

    That’s too small of a view. What about the possibility that the opposition to government intervention in the economy is based in a desire to protect their own fortunes?

  • Jim Roberts

    I didn’t watch, but wasn’t one of the issues that she wasn’t wearing pants?

  • Lori

    Yes. Not the only issue. Probably not even the biggest issue (and there’s a red flag moment). But one of the issues was that she was not wearing pants.

  • Lori

    Classic reaction shot—Will Smith & his family watch Miley’s performance:

  • I’ve always assumed that the universe came into being five minutes before my own birth, and that it was just my “grandparents” misfortune to begin existence with the bodies of late fifty-somethings. I guess if you have the memories it’s all the life that matters. And of course it goes without saying that the universe will end at the moment of my own death. What other meaningful function could it serve? :-o

  • Can’t avoid being a little put off I do confess. The teddy bears… why? Robin Thicke, ewwww.

  • Jim Roberts

    That’s an amazing shot. It’s four separate reactions, all varieties of horror. You’ve got confusion, numbness, anger and disgust, all in one family shot.
    Well, definitely won’t be catching that video. If the guy who intentionally made Wild Wild West was that put off by the performance, it’s clearly not worth watching.

  • Lori

    My thought was that when a teenage boy is making that face at your sexy performance you’ve miscalculated in some way.

  • MikeJ

    Miley’s attempt to épater la bourgeoisie was incredibly dull to anybody who ever saw GG Allin.

  • Heh. I think it’s that kind of “I know I should be attracted to this but I need to not show it ’cause Dad is right near me and I’m probably gonna be on camera” look.

  • MaryKaye

    In Athens, Greece, the subway is a single fare everywhere but to the airport, which costs extra. Like a lot of travelers, I didn’t know this. I found out the hard way when the police boarded the train on the last stop before the long leg out to the airport and asked to see my ticket. Which, okay, they’re entitled to do that, and I was in violation.

    They then told me that either I could sign paperwork and be fined 50 euros and have to appear in court and miss my plane–or I could pay 20 euros cash right now and go my way.

    I felt that I was surely taking part in some form of wrongdoing. But I paid up.

    I never want to see US police doing this; it’s a vile practice (though not half as vile as what Tenaha is doing). What are the prospects for making forfeiture stop, or at least cutting all connection between forfeiture and funding? It’s clearly setting up a perverse incentive.

  • Lorehead

    That’s an urban legend. It is a photo of them, but not during Miley Cyrus’ performance.

  • Jim Roberts

    I was seeing it more as, “I can tell this is trying to attract me, but there’s something messed up here and I think it might be me.”

  • Jim Roberts

    I’d argue that there’s as much participation of God in the human experience in the wonder (and horror) of the natural world as there is in any church, synagogue, drum circle or mosque. The common thread I’ve found is that decent people – the ones who want to learn how to make the world better for everyone, not just themselves – all have an approach to the universe that’s remarkably similar, differing only in the details.

  • Lori

    And there goes the best thing so far today. Bummer.

  • Lorehead

    At least you still have the donkey in pants.

  • “Despite being surrounded by ice for 800 miles in every direction, and 8,000 miles away from the local bars I knew, it seemed completely familiar to me: there were six bar stools, a scattering of tables and couches, a pool table, TV and music.”

    But they Serve only vodka and gin.

  • Jamoche

    It’s so Monty Python. “And now for something completely different…”

  • P J Evans

    I was watching a video, and they were there. Also, that photo is turning up in media coverage – so I think it’s probably real.

  • Lorehead

    Yes, people are repeating the story without checking it.

  • Guest

    Damn it Fred, I thought you were going to link us to a thoughtful article about the power of fiction, but it’;s just another race/gender rant.

  • The_L1985

    …You don’t think that “race/gender rants” can be thoughtful?

  • stardreamer42

    This is actually the same case that was discussed here… last week, was it? The author of the post is quoting from the same article Fred linked. Which doesn’t invalidate the rest of your comment at all.

  • stardreamer42

    On the Indian Nation Turnpike in Oklahoma (which passes thru a lot of reservation land), when the Native American cops catch you speeding, they have a credit-card terminal hanging from their hip so that you can pay the fine right then and there. Which reminds me a bit of your Athens story, except that in this case it’s not soliciting a bribe.