‘The information’s unavailable to the mortal man …’

‘The information’s unavailable to the mortal man …’ December 4, 2013

“Nothing changes for a long time — until suddenly it does. And then everything changes quickly.”

“Maybe one of these days there will be a TV show about churches and ministers that will be worth watching, but it sure as heck will not be a reality show about ‘church rescue consultants.'”

“Cochran, if we’re gonna write a story about the burial of Lee Harvey Oswald, we’re gonna have to bury the son of a bitch ourselves.”

Being around death all the time makes you different.”

“Are humans, who show this kind of love to each other, more gracious and loving than God?

“But ivory-towered elitists like me might protest that this isn’t actually what the Bible says. The number of the Beast and the mark of the Beast are different.”

“Modern notions of human rights were not really developed from the Bible, but there really were different philosophical ideas [in the Bible] that helped to develop human rights.”

“They are, after all, men. Biblical men.”

“‘Because’ has become a preposition, because grammar.”

“There are two theories with equal support among Obama and Romney supporters: that aliens exist and the one about fluoridation.”

“If you can only do one, stand closer. If standing closer isn’t an option, reduce the impact angle.”

“Why, just a few years ago it seems, we were all at war with each other, and here we all are now, sitting in a dining room together, eating a bowl of …€” a bowl of I don’t know what, only it’s just delicious.”

“I have always been thinking of the ways in which Christianity is taught, and whenever I find one way that makes it a wider blessing than any other, I cling to that as the truest — €”I mean that which takes in the most good of all kinds and brings in the most people as sharers in it.”

Sometimes I am a truly shitty Christian.”


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