Today’s Daily Blog of the Day: The Wild Hunt

Today’s Daily Blog of the Day: The Wild Hunt January 8, 2014

The Wild Hunt offers “a modern Pagan perspective.” The modern Pagan in question is Jason Pitzl-Waters and I find his perspective fascinating, refreshing and generous.

Pitzl-Waters reads and gleans a lot, offering a wide cross-section of diverse views, ideas, opinions and happenings in the Pagan community. If you’re looking for one-stop shopping to keep abreast of all things Pagan then … well, then you’re probably asking too much, because that movement is too sprawling, vibrant and diverse for any one site to cover everything. But the Wild Hunt is a good place to start.

Pitzl-Waters and the fine team of contributors he’s assembled there also tend to display the traits I find most appealing in any blogger, no matter the specific subject matter: curiosity, intelligence, whimsy, enjoyment of others’ happiness and anger at others’ ill-treatment.

One of the things I value most about reading the Wild Hunt is related to something Pope Francis said in a recently translated interview: “Reality is understood only when it is looked at from the periphery. … Being at the periphery helps to see and to understand better, to analyze reality more correctly.” Modern Pagans are a religious minority and thus are, in many ways, on the periphery of American life. Christians like me are not, and that can distort my perspective of the world. I enjoy religious freedom, so it’s easy for me to take for granted that religious freedom is doing well. But item after item and post after post at the Wild Hunt reminds me that this isn’t true at the periphery.

And if it’s not true at the periphery, then it’s not really true at the center either.


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