Just remember to always think twice

Just remember to always think twice March 10, 2014

This and this is why that video seemed appropriate today.

Well played, kid. (Click for full story)

• In church-y circles, I’m sometimes asked the very oddly worded question, “Do you believe in homosexuality?” I like to answer by saying, “Believe in it? I’ve seen it with my own two eyes!”

Stephen Colbert takes that joke to the next level.

Zack Hoag writes: “Upholding the inerrancy of scripture often leads to a hermeneutic of oppression.” Yes, true.

But it’s also true the other way around, which is where the invention of “the inerrancy of scripture” comes from. It was created in defense of a hermeneutic of oppression. It endures to defend that hermeneutic and to defend that oppression.

That is not an unfortunate side effect of biblical inerrancy. That is its purpose — its primary purpose. That is its attraction and its appeal.

That is what it does. And thus that is what inerrantists are doing.

• “These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners.” Problem is they do, it’s just that their outrage is still focused in the wrong direction.

• Speaking of oppressive inerrantists and Southern outrages, here’s an encouraging follow-up on the devolution at Bryan College: “Faculty Vote ‘No Confidence’ in President over Adam and Eve.” The vote wasn’t close — 30-2, with six abstentions.

The (Chattanooga) Times Free Press report says the college president pushing this creationist dogma has alienated most of the college community for other reasons, too:

Faculty had many concerns over Livesay’s leadership:

“… lack of institutional control, budget was secret, decreases in enrollment, top heavy in administration, neglect for body, poor financial management … authoritarian leadership style — alienated faculty, students, cabinet members. Morale on campus is at all-time low — broken, hurting people.

“We are in danger of losing Bryan College.”

I’m guessing this was another concern of the faculty: There are only 38 of them.

Michael Medved tells a huge whopper:

“No prohibition — there has never been a state in this country that has ever banned gay marriage,” Medved said. “That is a liberal lie.”

… In fact, 30 states have banned same-sex marriage in their state constitutions.

You’d think Medved would remember those state bans passing, since: 1) Most of those bans were passed fairly recently, within the last 10-20 years; and 2) Michael Medved has spent much of those 10-20 years pushing states to pass the very bans he now says do not exist.

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