I’ve been asked to list my ‘Top 5’ posts

I’ve been asked to list my ‘Top 5’ posts May 1, 2014

Hey, OK, so this month Patheos is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, they’re looking to compile a retrospective of the best of their blogs, and they’ve ask those of us who write here to provide a list of our “Top 5” posts.

I’m not really sure what those are. I like to think that the Top 5 posts on this blog haven’t been written yet, but as far as deciding on the Top 5 that have been, I’m not really sure that I’m the best person for that job.

Going by traffic, the No. 1 all-time post here wasn’t even really something I wrote — it was just my indexing and compiling Steve Benen’s hard work. I’m proud of that one, and I was happy it drew lots of attention to Steve’s extensive documentation of the lies of Mitt Romney, but, happily, it’s no longer particularly timely. (Well, many of those lies themselves are perennially relevant, but the fact that Romney is a prolifically dishonest man is, fortunately, no longer a pressing concern for the rest of the country.) So I probably wouldn’t include that if it were up to me to pick my Top 5.

I’d want to include “False Witnesses” and “False Witnesses 2,” because I think those were kind of important. And maybe one of the Acts 10 & 11 posts — “The Abominable Shellfish” was the first one here to articulate that argument, which is happily gaining some traction. “The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal” went crazy viral thanks to Reddit — it and its companion post, “Mischief follows in partisan Bible translations” still occasionally get link-y attention (which is good, I think, because when people start rewriting the Bible for partisan political reasons that’s kind of a Big Deal).

I should probably include something from the Left Behind series — maybe just one of the index posts (or is that cheating?). And maybe “Men on ‘Top’: ‘Where are all the Christian women bloggers?’” just because it started my obsession with compiling the now out-of-control Bonfire list.

I’m also kind of fond of some other posts that didn’t garner much response or attention — like “The politics of envy” or “Jackie at the Crossroads.”

And I feel like I’m forgetting something.

But then, again, I’m not sure I’m the right person to figure this out. Deciding which are the “top posts” of a blog is something better left to that blog’s readers than to its writer(s).

So, this is a bit awkwardly and unavoidably self-serving, but I’d like your help. What are the “Top 5” posts here at slacktivist?

But I don’t want this to become a fishing-for-compliments ego-trip. (I don’t want it to be like the way my “inerrantist” friends imagine God inspired the writing of the Psalms — “David, write this down: ‘I will exalt you, my God the King …'”) So to avoid that, let me also ask you this: What are the Worst 5 posts here at slacktivist?

Thanks for your help with this.

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