Labor Day Scenes from the Class War

Labor Day Scenes from the Class War September 1, 2014

Without good workers, the ‘job creators’ can’t make it.”

“[Unions are] an international phenomenon that has flourished almost everywhere that capitalism has flourished. And that’s because they’ve played a critical role in making capitalism work for the people who make capitalism work.”

If union standards for pay, benefits, safety and health didn’t exist, there would be no pressure on non-union employers to, at least, try to approach them.”

“I’m amazed at how petty and abusive some of these practices are. … Cutting corners is increasingly seen as a sign of libertarianism rather than the theft that it really is.” (New York Times)

“There’s no reason that we should be paying for food stamps and Medicaid for employees of either company, though I’m sure we do, simply because those companies are able to get away with having a mostly part-time work force that has to bring their own equipment to the job.”

“Anybody who looks at CEO pay, even if it was reasonably based, they would say that person is paid way too much.”

LaborDay“The average U.S. household experienced a real wealth decline of more than one-third over the 10 years ending in 2013.”

“People working for tips are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty.”

The number of Social Security recipients losing part of their checks to pay back old student loans is likely to keep swelling.”

“This is an illustration of why a large portion of the American work force will never achieve economic independence no matter how hard they try.”

Nobody needs to bring back the shame of being poor and using assistance; it never went away.”

“That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share.”

“I hope all the citizens of Alabama will be in prayer that the right thing will be done.”

“All three have been associated with the so-called prosperity gospel, which stresses God will reward the faithful with health and wealth, and all three have led ministries that have made them rich.”

Religious people who neglect God’s summons to care for the poor are not the people of God at all. God rejects their worship.”

Here are Kansas and California, moving in opposite directions after pursuing tax policies that suggest the right’s orthodoxy is simply wrong.”

States with higher minimum wages saw faster job growth in the first six months of 2014 than states that have not raised their wages.”

Tuesday’s action is the latest in a series of CFPB victories for consumers wronged by lenders, several of which have involved members of the armed forces.”

Taking all existing coverage expansions together, we estimate that 20 million Americans have gained coverage as of May 1 under the ACA.”

“The growth of federal spending on health care will continue to decline as a proportion of the overall economy in the coming decades, in part because of cost controls mandated by President Obama’s health care law, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said.”

“Consumers in the developed world should be smarter than that. The producers in the developing world — the folks enabling our lifestyles — certainly are.”


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