Eric Metaxas says ‘Amen’ to Ann Coulter’s anti-immigrant racism

Eric Metaxas says ‘Amen’ to Ann Coulter’s anti-immigrant racism July 1, 2015

I haven’t paid any attention to right-wing publicity hoarder Ann Coulter in several years. She seems well past the Palin Threshold — the point at which a self-appointed “provocateur” is reduced to shouting “Look at me! Look at me!

But Coulter is once again apparently having an influence on the Fox-watching white voters who made many of her earlier books best-sellers. And this time around, white evangelicals seem eager to buy what she’s selling.

Coulter has a new book out — one that offers her idea of a political strategy for conservative Republicans in the years ahead. That strategy can be summed up as this: Demonizing LGBT people has run it’s course. Conservatives should now focus on demonizing immigrants.

The core structure of the message doesn’t need to change: Take back America from Them; Our way of life depends on destroying the barbarians at the gates; They are threatening our children, our women, our religion, etc. But Coulter wants her party to shift away from the Big Gay Them to the Nasty Mexican Them.

That’s the theme of her new book, ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third-World Hellhole. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that the footnotes to Coulter’s book include numerous positive citations of white nationalists and anti-immigrant hate groups. We’re talking about groups like VDARE — groups that are not just arguably white supremacist and anti-Semitic, but proudly and defiantly so.

And Coulter is similarly proud and defiant in asserting her own white supremacist views and her vile ideology of ethnic contagion and the cultural inferiority of non-white, non-Americans. Mikayla Bean offered a sampling of Coulter’s argument for Right Wing Watch:

“America is not a ‘nation of immigrants,’ it is not an ‘idea,’ it was never ‘diverse,’ and ‘diversity’ is a catastrophe.” And, she says, America is white: “Without the white settlers, what is known as ‘America’ would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes chasing the rear end of a buffalo every time their stomachs growled.” …

“What’s going to happen when a mostly white senior population is being supported by a mostly brown younger population,” Coulter wonders, before asserting that “despite a hegemonic propaganda campaign about all cultures being equal, they aren’t.” She continues that “there’s nothing good about diversity, other than the food, and we don’t need 128 million Mexicans for the restaurants.”

Published in “The Christian Beacon,” in 1964. Broadcast on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” in 2015.

And when it comes to Somalis, “even Somalia doesn’t want Somalis,” so why should we?

… “Ninety percent of the names on the U.S. Marshals’ list of most wanted criminals would not have been recognizable as names fifty years ago,” she claims. And, moreover, “the dream of many ‘Dreamers’ is to rob, assault, and murder Americans.”

“When it comes to multiculturalism,” Coulter warns, “you can’t say, We love the empanadas— but we don’t want 40-year-old men raping their nieces. You don’t get to choose. This is not a buffet.”  And just so everyone is clear, “gang rape, child rape, elder rape, and murder rape are highly correlated with specific ethnic groups — ethnic groups we are bringing to America by the busload.”

What about white rapists? They simply do not exist, writes Coulter. This is because “white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon America” is alone in the world as a haven for minorities, women, children, plants, and animals. None have fared so well in any other culture.” America, a nation that has apparently been “taking rape seriously since the first settlers arrived,” is chock-full of “neurotic” women and journalists who cook up “false accusations of rape against American white men.” In fact, “under the diversity regime, everyone gets special rights and privileges, except white men.”

This is indistinguishable from what alleged killer Dylann Roof said as he opened fire in a Charleston church service: “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Coulter is saying precisely what Roof said.

Here she is, summarizing her argument early last month on a radio program:

If something drastic isn’t done right away, it is going to be George McGovern’s America, it is going to be La Raza’s America, it is going to be Uganda, basically. And get used to having segregated buses and subways, as they have in India and Mexico, because of the way women are treated and sexually abused there; get used to your little girls being raped and being pregnant.

Coulter said that on “The Eric Metaxas Show” — part of the “Christian-formatted” Salem Radio Network. Metaxas is a popular, respected figure in mainstream white evangelical culture. He’s a contributor to Christianity Today magazine, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, and never gets viewed suspiciously by white evangelical gatekeepers as someone who might potentially be “controversial.”

So how did this good Christian man respond to Coulter’s aggressive promotion of Roofian racism?

He invited her back. Coulter returned to “The Eric Metaxas Show” last week, to talk some more about immigration and all the brown people who have to go because they’re raping our women and taking over our country.

And Eric Metaxas agrees with her:

Metaxas tied anti-immigrant politics to the idea of American exceptionalism, saying that that “in order for America to fulfill its mission to the world, we’re supposed to bless the world. This country has been a blessing to all the countries that are not America, from practically day one.”

“We won’t be anymore,” retorted Coulter.

“That’s the point,” continued Metaxas. “Because if you care about people who are not in America … then you must let America be America” instead of “undermining America’s ability to be America.”

Super-patriot Coulter agreed and added: “It won’t be America, it’ll be Mexico.”

This is white evangelical Christianity in America.



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