Postcards from the culture wars (11.22)

Postcards from the culture wars (11.22) November 22, 2016

“The fact that he is going to be at such a high level is a wonderful thing.”/”We could not be happier about the selection.”

“In this upper-middle-class tableau, in the local school, in nearby parks, these political decals — to me a representation of anti-democratic bigotry and the darkest human forces of hate throughout history — were not shameful.”

“These white people have developed a set of beliefs that have led them to see a sort of strongman nationalist politics of ethnic exclusion as being perfectly acceptable, only two generations after their country fought a global war against that very thing.”

Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.”

“We’re going to have a president again who will never say what we’ll never do.”

We did it in World War II with Japanese, which, call it what you will—”

Military police stand guard as trains arrive at the camps. American military police. In California. (Photo by Robert Ross)
Military police stand guard as trains packed with American citizens arrive at the camps. In California. (Photo by Robert Ross)

“‘Why don’t you tie it around your neck & hang yourself with it …,’ the note said, signed ‘America!’

“Flynn said in August that Islam is ‘a political ideology’ rather than a religion. He also previously called Islam ‘sick’ and described it as a ‘malignant cancer.’

“There, she encountered multiple white males who allegedly ran toward her, shouting the name of the new president-elect. One male forcefully knocked her to the ground …”

“Hijab Wearing Bitch. This is our nation, now get the F— out.”

He then put the gun to her head and made further threats.”

“Expect a lot of blather from these folks now about how the Democrats have abandoned real poor people (you know: white people, salt-of-the-earth Catholic people in the urban areas of the country who are by definition not motivated by racism, xenophobia, misogyny, or homophobia because they’re Catholic).”

“A letter was sent home to students and parents Friday after swastikas were found drawn on the walls of a Montgomery County middle school.”

“I do want to say, I’m not racist by no means, and I’m not a woman hater.”

I am tired of being shamed because I’m a white male. You automatically think I’m a racist. How about you go the (expletive) back to India or wherever you came from?”

Do not advocate the ‘Plain Jane’ look.”

“What is needed is your voice in the intimate moments, the private interactions with your friends, your family, your business partners, your donors … the ones that influence your daily life.”

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