At each other’s throats

At each other’s throats March 23, 2017

We the people are beleaguered and beset. The world is a dangerous, hostile place in which we face constant persecution and the perpetual threat of someone trying to shove something down our throats. It’s everywhere.

America in 2017 is an unhappy place full of unhappy people. And it’s no wonder why — what with so much constant down-the-throat-shoving going on.

So what are we having shoved down our throats today? Let’s check:

• Development is being shoved down the throats of Moab, Utah, residents, who are, understandably, writing angry letters about this to the Moab Sun.

• Vaccination is being shoved down our throats by Big Pharma, and anti-vaxx bloggers aren’t just going to sit there and take it. (Note: Most vaccines are not administered in this way.)

• White male gamers want everyone to know that they aren’t opposed to non-white, non-male gamers, but they do not appreciate having the whole SJW/diversity thing shoved down their throats.

• Columnist Wayne Allyn Root is still upset that Harry Reid shoved Obamacare down our throats, and he’ll be darned if now — his throat still raw and chafed from the experience — he’ll allow the renaming of a Las Vegas airport to be shoved down his throat as well.

• Are anonymous posters at racist message boards upset that diversity is being shoved down their throats? Why, yes. Yes they are.

• The lads on a Manchester United forum are not enthusiastic about seeing their club also field a women’s team, not after the Women’s World Cup was shoved down their throats.

We’re going to need a lot of this, apparently. (Flickr photo by Cinnamon Vogue, click for link.)

• A teacher in the Jefferson County (Kentucky) school district is upset about a new program being shoved down the throats of teachers.

• Please don’t be confused by the name Conservative Fighters. The clickbait site is not targeted toward those who fight conservatives, nor is it intended to appeal to those who fight conservatively. The intended readership consists of people who self-identify as conservative and who also desperately wish to be identified by others as “fighters.” So people who “fight” on behalf of conservatism is the idea here.

Anyway, are these CF folks happy that Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on The View “constantly shove their leftist rhetoric down the viewers’ throats“? No. They are not happy about that at all.

• An XDA developer is pleased that the Android HTC 10 phone doesn’t take some gimmick and shove it down our throats. This is, the developer suggests, a pleasant respite for our throats after being forced to swallow all the gimmicks shoved down them by so many other phones.

• Apparently, former Degrassi star Drake has been shoving his favorite emoji down our throats, but one brave writer is fighting back.

• The Fremont (California) City Council will be moving from at-large to district-based elections, and apparently this is occurring with great esophageal violence. “I don’t like this being shoved down our throats,” says Fremont Vice Mayor Rick Jones.

Who would like that? No one. That’s the pattern we see emerging here.

It’s no wonder, then, that we as a people are so miserable and so perpetually aggrieved.



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