It’s like ‘Dark Angel’ meets Judges 19

It’s like ‘Dark Angel’ meets Judges 19 August 28, 2017

Well, here’s a thing. I should say thanks (I guess?) to James S.W. for alerting me to this on Twitter.


It’s not a Stryper tribute band. It’s a TV show about “Seven millennial women with cookbooks, guns, and the desire to rebuild civilization, [who] fight to survive without losing their humanity in a world gone dark.”

Daily Bread is a faith based, post apocalyptic TV series. It features an ensemble cast stranded on a farm with nothing but guns and food when a solar flare hits knocking out electricity everywhere and creating disasters all around the world.

The Foodies work to balance surviving and thriving as they strive to rebuild civilization in a world gone dark. They must face their own fears and the world outside that has been thrown into chaos.

(That solar flare also knocked out all hyphens.)

It seems to be prepper-fantasy made by actual preppers. There’s a trailer:

This could be the Wired to Kill of our time!

The series — “available” for streaming and download starting in September — is the product of Renaissance Women Productions. In the abstract, the idea of this group sounds nice: “a non-profit, educational foundation that provides opportunities to emerging talent in the entertainment industry.” In practice, this carries a whiff of those “modeling agency” schemes: “Everyone selected to be a part of the cast or crew will be a volunteer intern, learning the craft of movie making and honing skills that will enhance their resume and increase career opportunities. We encourage film students of all ages who want a chance to work with a professional team, whether you want to be a Director, DP, Editor, Camera Operator, or a variety of other positions, contact us for consideration.”

This explains why none of those poor “volunteer interns” seems quite as convincing as Patty Dunning in the Thief in the Night movies.

The “professional team” is led by Nina May. That’s apparently the same Nina May who wrote this:

I can’t describe the national love-hate relationship with Donald Trump, in any other way than it reminds me of the emotional rollercoaster that a teenage girl is on during her first serious crush or romance.

So, work we me and channel your teenage girl as we analyze the Trump phenomenon as it relates to the average voter, and how it so parallels the dating experience.

She’s a contributor for TownHall and Lifezette and that sort of thing. (And she retains her “serious crush” on Trump.) So be afraid, be very afraid, of the fact that she’s also produced “documentaries” on the Civil Rights Movement and one called Reparations … Who Should Pay? (The Virginia “plantation” setting for Our Daily Bread may hint at how she answers that question.)

ODB involves a secular apocalypse, not a premillennial dispensationalist Rapture scenario. A solar flare knocks out the power grid worldwide, causing civilization to collapse into an Amish hellscape. This is a prepper-fantasy SHTF end-of-the-world story, not something out of Tim LaHaye or Hal Lindsey.

The “faith-based” aspect of all of this seems to refer to Christian nationalism more than Christianity. That’s close enough for the National Religious Broadcasters to seem very excited about the project. The distinction between Christianity and Christian nationalism is not one that comes easily to the folks at NRB.

(I’ve said before that I’ve never seen an example of American Christian nationalism that wasn’t also white nationalism. That’s still true.)

In the prepper/Christian nationalist context of this story, “faith-based” refers to those who will receive divine assistance in the Hobbesian, musical-chairs struggle for survival. We have food. And we have guns to protect our food from others who don’t. Thank God!

Reminds me of the story of Jesus’ disciples and the shooting of the 5,000.

The only question remaining, I suppose, is whether or not these folks get sued by a certain beloved devotional publisher.



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