Postcards from the class and culture wars (1.24.18)

Postcards from the class and culture wars (1.24.18) January 24, 2018

“His car sits there as a reminder that our beloved Gilles — church member, faithful Sunday school participant, friend who prayed and cared for so many in our community — may never come home.”

Those of us who are secure in our citizenship must resist at every turn.”

“Feminism has been perceived as so evil, and so undermining of God’s plan for the nation, and it’s really amazing how much money and time and energy have been put into that fight against it.”

Weigh a paid-off porn star against being the first president to address the March for Life live via video feed, and a lot of evangelical leaders insist they can still walk away happy.”

“Fake news. … I’m coming to gun you all down. Fuck you, fuckin’ ni***rs.”

“Who keeps telling America this? Who? Rich people, that’s who.”

“Within a decade, many labor economists believe freelancers will outnumber full timers.”

“It is alarming that you would potentially have at least $50 million left over and no sense of how it was spent.”


“Prospect assistant police chief told LMPD recruit to ‘shoot’ black people.”

Among the conspiracy theories [White House adviser to DHS Frank] Wuco pushed were claims that former President Barack Obama’s memoir was ghost written by former anti-Vietnam War radical Bill Ayers, claims that former CIA director John Brennan converted to Islam and claims Attorney General Eric Holder had been a member of the Black Panthers.”

“Welch, who calls himself a ‘pastor of pastors’ … was writing screeds against abortion, gay rights and Barack Obama for WorldNetDaily, a conspiracy-laced progenitor of alt-right media.”

“The Nixon-Graham doctrine assumes that a religious change of heart, such as occurs in an individual conversion, would cure men of all sin.”

All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.”

“It’s been a delight, in a sense, seeing how faithful he’s been.”

“That certainly seems to be a sign of a coordinated effort by the bots and trolls.”

“The cumulative effect of seeing 156 women answer Judge Aquilina’s question was shattering”

Hopefully someone at First Baptist will bring them all to Jeffress and he’ll find the time to read them.”

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