Postcards from the class and culture wars (3.14)

Postcards from the class and culture wars (3.14) March 14, 2018

“Celeste cited as an example his belief that dinosaurs were still flying around ‘out West’ when cowboys first ventured out toward the Rocky Mountains.”

Cruelty is the fashion now, and it has been for quite some time.”

Religion is not a very powerful predictor and ideology is.”

“While the founding generation certainly esteemed the idea of an armed population, they were also ardent supporters of gun regulations.”

“Police say one man — identified as [Pastor] George Nelson Gregory … — was in the back seat, and the other man was completely naked and bound with nylon rope in the front seat.”

“So I think there’s assumptions made that because the climate is warming that that necessarily is a bad thing.”

“ProEnglish’s visit to the White House is further indication of the open-door policy nativist groups have benefited from since President Trump’s election.”

“If the debate over immigration is actually about a belief that nonwhite immigrants pose an existential danger to America and Americanness as a whole, and that ‘demographics’ require Haitian immigrants to be expelled from the country while hypothetical immigrants from Norway are welcomed with open arms, then there is no ready compromise at hand.”

“[Sam Brownback is] a major supporter of David Barton, the much-criticized Christian nationalist historian whose deeply skewed perspective on American history has been used by a number of Republican politicians to bolster a false narrative of America as a historically Christian nation.”

“The money in the account was allocated by federal, state and municipal governments to feed inmates in the Etowah County jail, but was not used for that purpose and was instead personally pocketed by [Etowah County Sheriff Todd] Entrekin.”

ADF’s strategy of devising odd business models to circumvent LGBTQ protections dates back to before the landmark Obergefell ruling.”

“Many sheltered workshops are extremely profitable enterprises, grossing considerable income from the work itself, while presenting themselves to the public as educational or charitable enterprises.”

“The CEO class in America has decided that a steady dose of flattery is the best way to keep Trump focused on his current embrace of hard-right economic policy rather than following through on the populist impulses he voiced on the campaign trail.”

“While Kawczynski on Tuesday rejected suggestions that he is ‘hateful’ or a ‘white separatist,’ he also doubled-down on inflammatory racial views.”

“I will blow you up if I have to, burn the clinic down.”

“A 31-year-old man crashed a stolen bakery delivery truck into an East Orange Planned Parenthood clinic, in an attack that injured a pregnant woman and two other people, authorities said.”

“We would look at the wall as not just a physical barrier to immigration but also as a symbol of the American determination to defend our culture, our language, our heritage, from any outsiders.”

“Into this land of hearts and hymens, the law strode bravely.”

I heard him screaming at you in the night and I was scared.”

Patriarchy is a hell of a drug.”

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