Nothing’s right, it’s torn

Nothing’s right, it’s torn August 14, 2018

Seth Lugo has been one of the bright spots in the New York Mets’ bullpen this year, posting an ERA of 2.77 while striking out 78 in 81 innings so far this season.

I’ve taken a particular interest in Lugo because he was sidelined with tendinitis last year right around the same time my wife was. The Mets’ medical staff opted for the same course of action for their pitcher that the Slacktivixen’s doctor recommended — avoiding Tommy John surgery but ordering weeks of complete rest in a cast to allow the tornand strained tendons to heal.

As my wife noted at the time, their situations weren’t quite identical. Lugo was getting paid to rehab his injured wrist. With full access to the best medical attention money can buy, he was able to make healing his full-time job. And, also too, rehabbing torn tendons is maybe a bit easier when you’re 27 than when you’re, um, no longer 27.

In any case, while Lugo gave up a couple of runs to the hated Yankees last night, he’s otherwise continued to pitch well.

My wife, unfortunately, is back on the DL and back in the cast, still hoping, along with her doctor, that this will allow her to heal without requiring surgery. If all goes well, she could be back in action by September, just in time for the pennant chase that neither she nor Seth Lugo will be involved in this year.

(In the longer-term, the ‘vixen also just took — and aced — the real estate exams, preparing for an alternative source of income that doesn’t involve tendon-straining repetitive motion.)

Anyway, we didn’t have an official diagnosis last week when I posted that fundraiser dreading/expecting that this might be the case. Thanks so much to everyone who chipped in and helped to support us then, as so many of you did last year.

Given that diagnosis, and what it means for us over the coming weeks, I don’t want to say that fundraiser is over just yet. So here, again, is the link for donations:

And here is my favorite pop song about tendinitis:

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