Postcards from the class & culture wars (9.20.18)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (9.20.18) September 20, 2018

“The leading study found that 3.1 percent of women who attended services at least weekly had experienced a sexual advance as an adult from their clergy member or religious leader. That comes to one of every 33 churchgoing women.”

These allegations, 99 percent of the time, are just absolutely fabricated.”

“My life is a direct rebuke of the idea that the legislative and court decisions that we make don’t have consequences.”

“I’m not a huge fan of men in general and even I don’t believe that each and every single man on this planet would have to bow out of government or law if people with histories of sexual predation were kept out of those fields.”

“In May 2017, he reported owing between $60,004 and $200,000 on three credit cards and a loan against his retirement account. By the time Trump nominated him to the high court in July 2018, those debts had vanished.”

“Kavanaugh has repeatedly sworn that he never received documents stolen by Republican Senate aide Manny Miranda — documents that he did, in fact, receive.”

By his own standard, he should clearly be impeached.”

“The appointment of Judge Kavanaugh would threaten hard-won rights and protections for people with disabilities.”

“There are unanswered questions about Kavanaugh’s involvement in torture when serving as a White House lawyer between 2001 and 2006, while his opinions as a judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals from 2006 to the present undermine fundamental protections of the right not to be tortured.”

“I, too, grew up in the crime-ridden streets of Bethesda.”

“An arsonist was caught on video setting fire to a Planned Parenthood building in California.”

The company declined to comment on any allegations regarding its finances and corporate structure, leadership on base, animal abuse, racism, pro-Apartheid social media posts, theft, misuse of money, security failures, rigged security inspections, the Iranian militia, procurement issues, generator explosions, confiscated passports, and HR complaints.”

“The Trump administration … rolled back an Obama-era rule that forced energy companies to capture methane — a key contributor to climate change that’s released in huge amounts during drilling on U.S. and tribal lands.”

“We keep watching key GOP officials admit that they want to cut programs like Medicare and Social Security. Maybe the public should believe them.”

“It interferes in your day it makes you think that hatred is sort of all around you. In some ways, it is.”

The reason I became a skinhead was I had originally been a member of the Republican Party and always had what would be considered a right wing point of view on politics and the social environment.”

They won’t accept a birth certificate but they will accept a family Bible?”

“The commerce secretary repeatedly lobbied the Justice Department to add the citizenship question after consulting with anti-immigration hardliners.”

“Among the attendees was Ronald Vitiello, the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

“The Republican nominee to represent a state House district in Kentucky previously appeared on a white nationalist show and complained about minorities supposedly conspiring against whites.”

“The Orange County Republican Party Central Committee is poised tonight to endorse a school board candidate who has curated a ‘Holocaust hoax?’ YouTube playlist, promoted Islamophobic conspiracy theories on Facebook, referred to African Americans as “colored people” and protested a white privilege workshop alongside alt-right agitators who were scheduled speakers at Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally days later.”

His publicist calls after our interview to make sure I know that Carlson is not a racist.”

This should keep the black vote down considerably.”

“A curious number of people sure seem to be bursting into grateful tears in Trump’s presence.”

“We did not refer to historians. We were confident that the Internet would give us the correct information.”

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