Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (re-run week)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (re-run week) July 2, 2021

Even if it does rain all this week down the shore, there’s still plenty to do there. Skee-ball, for instance. The forecast for our trip predicts quite a bit of Skee-ball.

In the meantime, I’ve scheduled these re-runs/open threads. Today’s links back to the parable of our old friend “Jackie at the Crossroads” which I suppose is about the choices involved in good faith and bad faith, and the consequences of those choices.

This is from 2010:

Now Jackie is at a moral crossroads. She has to make a choice. The actual facts do not appear to be in dispute, but she is invested in this story. She has told it before, several times. She has endured quite a bit of discomfort at airports because she believed it to be true. Forced to choose by the Snopes page confronting her on Dan’s phone, she will either have to disavow or double-down.

When it comes to it, this kind of moral crossroads is rarely experienced as a difficult dilemma. A choice must be made, but that choice will almost always be based on the kind of person making it — based on the character and habits and practice that have shaped that person up until this moment of choosing. A good Jackie will take one path, a bad Jackie will take the other.

Read the whole thing here. And please feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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