Passing the hat

Passing the hat July 14, 2021

If this were an ’80s movie, I’d spot a flyer for some local contest — a battle of the bands, or a boat race — and my family’s plucky little band of misfits would now be in the middle of an upbeat montage sequence showing us all determinedly getting ready for our under-dog bid for the prize money that coincidentally exactly matches our current need.

Alas, this is not an ’80s movie and, unlike Lane Meyer, I cannot ski the K12. So, instead, I am resorting to this, another fundraising, pass-the-hat, money-beg post embarrassingly soon after the plea I posted just a few short months ago.

If you are willing and able to support this site and/or my family’s livelihood, we’d appreciate whatever you’re willing or able to do here:

And thank you again, from all of here at Slacktivist world headquarters, for your generosity and support.

(Feel free to treat this post as an open thread for anyone who doesn’t feel like discussing the ESV and/or how the defense of slavery shaped modern American white Christianity. Which may be necessary because I think I’m writing part 4.)

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