Bonus Flashback: Bounty math

Bonus Flashback: Bounty math August 27, 2022

Two years ago today I wrote about working retail during the pandemic. Included in that post was the following footnote, which is worth repeating here as a stand-alone post and a handy reference.

Yesterday we got a pallet of six-packs of Bounty’s “big” rolls.

These are, as the name suggests, the smallest rolls of paper towels that Bounty sells.

“6 = 8” the packaging reads, meaning that six of these “big” rolls is equivalent to eight “regular” rolls of Bounty.

As far as I can tell, consumers cannot purchase “regular” rolls of Bounty. (I believe there’s only one such “regular” roll, kept in a climate-controlled vault west of Paris, just down the hall from the international prototype of the kilogram.)

Like our other customers, I bought a six-pack of these tiny “big” rolls in the hopes that it will last us until we’re able to purchase the regular- (not “regular-“) sized “huge” rolls with “6 = 18” on the packaging.

Bounty math is not easy to follow. (I suspect this is deliberate.) The following table may not be complete:

Big: 1.25 “regular” rolls (RR)
Large/Singles Plus: 1.5 RR
Super: 1.83 RR
Double: 2 RR
Giant/Doubles Plus: 2.5 RR
Huge: 3 RR

The “Doubles Plus” label is rare. I think they may be phasing it out, having decided that DoublePlus is ungood.

Charmin math is similar to Bounty math, but may not be identical.

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