Postcards from the class & culture wars (9.26.22)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (9.26.22) September 26, 2022

“The roots of this crisis run much deeper, and are inextricably tied to white disinvestment from a majority-Black city.”

“We punish convicts who maintain their innocence with longer sentences than they would get were they to have confessed to a crime they didn’t commit.”

“Flagler County School Board incumbent Jill Woolbright … says God placed her on the school board, that she is involved in ‘satanic warfare,’ and that, in a reference to others on the school board and at the district office, she has ‘felt the evil spirits around me.'”

“The page, which has 6,300 followers, regularly posts anti-abortion comments, misinformation about Covid vaccines and memes insulting the LGBTQ community.”

“I laugh when I hear these debates [in the U.S., today] about banning books, because this is exactly what they did in Albania in the 1970s.”

Feminists need rape.”

Catholics who support reproductive rights are a majority, though many have not yet been public about it.”

“After decrying what he had helped to do in passing the first heartbeat law, and after almost weeping at the people who will be harmed or killed by what he had done, when faced with voting against an even worse law with no exceptions, out of ‘respect for the process,’ Collins valiantly abstained.”

“At a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday concerning abortion access, an expert witness called by Republicans made a head-scratcher of a claim: Washington, D.C., is literally powered by burning fetuses.”

“The anti-abortion group claims that because the facility will prescribe abortion medication, it will pollute area waterways with the remains of aborted fetuses flushed down toilets.”

“Mostly, I was tip-toeing around something that eclipses every other issue for many of my extended family members. And I risk alienating them by writing this.”

“Coloradans have elected just one Republican governor in the last 50 years. A current GOP candidate for governor has an idea that could change that: stop counting each vote equally.”

This purported distinction is as dumb as it is morally bankrupt, because you do not need to be a fancy lawyer to understand that this is simply not how money works.”


“The video depicts two Crawford County deputies and a Mulberry Police officer beating a man on the ground and apparently slamming his head into the cement.”

“Minneapolis did not defund the police. It’s the opposite. The police are defunding Minneapolis.”

Without restitution, there can be no justice.”

“On the one hand, few people deserve to be defrauded more than people willing to give money to help Trump build a wall, on the other hand lock him up anyway.”

“By 2019, private equity firms also controlled 150,000 mobile-home sites, often jacking up utility and other site fees.”

A third [Republican] resident of The Villages has admitted to voting twice during the 2020 election, court records show.”

“Americans have a right and a duty to scrutinize religious institutions that endanger vulnerable people and make it harder to be religiously, sexually, or otherwise Otherwise in this country. ”

We’re open to all hypotheses, we’re open to any conclusions that we may encounter.”


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