Postcards from the class & culture wars (10.21.22)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (10.21.22) October 21, 2022

This abstract equality is, of course, inequality.”

“I was left wanting to either get so sick that I almost died or, praying for my baby’s heart to stop beating — this baby that I had wanted and worked to have for 18 months.”

He didn’t accept responsibility for the kid we did have together, and now he isn’t accepting responsibility for the one that we didn’t have.”

“The only problem is that the child in question was born years after the abortion.”

“In Herschel’s ‘redemption’ ad he says he even wrote a book about how he was redeemed. The book came out in 2008. He pressured this woman to abort their kids in 2009 and 2011.”

“It belongs to these gentlemen right here, who are state legislators representing you. That is the best way I think, as a man, that women get the best voice.”

“As a result of the incident, the Maricopa County Colleges police officers association has withdrawn their endorsement of Kaufman, who announced a suspension of his campaign stating that ‘a personal legal matter has recently arisen.'”

You’re on tape, man. It’ll be like 30 minutes and we’re all going to know you’re lying.”

“One of two Texas brothers who authorities say opened fire on a group of migrants getting water near the U.S.-Mexico border, killing one and injuring another, was warden at a detention facility with a history of abuse allegations.”

“McConnell and the rest of the GOP seem intent, in fact perfectly well-suited, on extending the very American tradition of ignoring anti-Asian racism.”

“It’s telling that Youngkin can so easily condemn critical race theory but not an actual critical racist.”

“Reuters documented multiple incidents of intimidation involving an expanding army of election observers, many of them recruited by prominent Republican Party figures and activists echoing Trump’s false theories about election fraud. ”

“Still, Arnold’s ties to Washington’s Republican Party extend beyond a one-time payment.”

Mississippi had the highest homicide rate at 20.50 murders per 100,000 residents, followed by Louisiana at 15.79, Kentucky at 14.32, Alabama at 14.2, and Missouri at 14.”

“I repeat: The attorneynot the priest and not the school and not the Catholic Church—was fined $400,000 for alerting people about Hart’s past actions.”

“Our country is currently the least safe to give birth and be born in among industrialized countries.”

“A Minnesota Republican candidate in a newly drawn House district encouraged people to fly the Confederate flag, questioned President Obama’s birthplace as recently as 2019 and called Islam ‘a plague.'”

“In reality, Molla started his own property on fire and spray painted the graffiti on his own garage.”

“Governor Ron DeSantis has made voting easier in certain Florida counties battered by Hurricane Ian – but only Republican-leaning ones.”

“His plan wiped away half of the state’s Black-dominated congressional districts, dramatically curtailing Black voting power in America’s largest swing state.”

Some of the parents said that it was demonic while others said it was witchcraft.”


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