Cops behaving badly (12.15.22)

Cops behaving badly (12.15.22) December 15, 2022

How a Wealthy Cleveland Suburb Profits From Ticketing Black Drivers.”

“Contra Costa County prosecutors have dropped 40 criminal cases because they were linked to East Bay officers under investigation for offenses of ‘moral turpitude.’

“Colorado Springs police officers took a 17-year-old high school student to the ground before pepper-spraying her in the back of a police cruiser — despite the teen being unarmed and having committed no crime.”

“At the apartment complex, Carter shot and killed Redus, claiming that Redus had attacked him. All the evidence that has been found about the shooting contradicts that claim.”

“Prior to the incident at Narraguagus High School, Bishop on multiple occasions allegedly gave drugs to the girl’s mother in exchange for what police euphemistically describe in court documents as ‘a non-monetary form of payment’ in his cruiser while he still worked for Calais Police Department.”

“An unidentified man insisted he step away and violently pushed Mr. Vinyard to the ground where he struck his head on the pavement.”

“In fact, the proposed rule was prompted by a FBI report, released in 2020, warning about the infiltration of violent white supremacist ideology in law enforcement.”

“That child — a second grader with autism at a North Carolina school — was ultimately pinned on the floor for 38 minutes, according to body camera video of the incident.”

“A Virginia law enforcement worker was killed in a shootout with deputies in California after he allegedly killed the mother and grandparents of a teenage girl he had catfished online, police said.”

“This afternoon, I have to stand here and talk about the loss of one of my deputies who I love so much as the result of the reckless actions of another one of our deputies, who I also love.”

“Chief Mary O’Connor resigned Monday effective immediately after an investigation into a Pinellas County traffic stop last month where she flashed a badge and asked a deputy to ‘just let us go.’

“A former Border Patrol agent who confessed to killing four sex workers in 2018 was convicted Wednesday of capital murder, after jurors heard recordings of him telling investigators he was trying to ‘clean up the streets’ of his South Texas hometown.”

“North Carolina sheriff Jody Greene resigned after racist comments were leaked. Two weeks later, the town reelected him.”

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