Cops behaving badly (8.9.23)

Cops behaving badly (8.9.23) August 9, 2023

“Kansas City Police leaders allegedly ordered officers to target minority neighborhoods to meet ticket quotas — telling them to be ‘ready to kill everybody in the car’ — and to only respond to calls for help in white neighborhoods.”

“They keep telling us, and we should really start listening: this is what policing looks like in Northampton.”

“The executive director of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association has been charged with attempting to illegally import valeryl fentanyl, an analog of fentanyl, and other synthetic opioids into the U.S. for mass distribution.”

“Prosecutors claim Skaggs met the victims through his work as a police officer, and that he committed the sex acts while on duty or in uniform.”

“An officer with the Wichita Police Department has been formally charged in Garfield County, Oklahoma, with one count of sexual abuse of a child under 12 and one count of lewd molestation.”

Jenkins was indicted on six counts including conspiracy to interfere with government functions and to violate federal law regulating machine guns; false statements during purchase of firearms; false statements in records maintained by a federal firearms licensee; false statements to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and unlawful possession of a machine gun.”

New Mexico police officers realized they were at the wrong address just moments before the front door opened and they fatally shot the armed homeowner, then exchanged gunfire with his wife.”

“Aaron Cataquet, 27, a five-year veteran of New York’s Finest, is accused of making off with $690 in groceries from the Tuckahoe ShopRite store after being identified through face recognition technology.”

We couldn’t find a single case of a police officer who reported being poisoned by fentanyl or overdosing after encountering the street drug that was confirmed by toxicology reports.”

Man found guilty of spitting at police gets 70 years in prison.”

“The city of Minneapolis has agreed to a $700,000 settlement with family members who were locked inside two squad cars when police killed their father after officers refused their offers to try and help calm him down.”

“Six white former law enforcement officers in Mississippi have pleaded guilty to federal charges in the beating and sexual assault of two Black men, one of whom was also shot in the mouth.”

“The person who received the accidental text responded ‘who is this, and why are you sending me a picture of a racist cop?‘”

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