Postcards from the class & culture wars (1.18.23)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (1.18.23) January 18, 2023

Our side of the street was a lot more fun.”

“The court’s conservative majority admitted that the Jim Crow law was ‘steeped in racism,’ but said Mississippi had made enough changes in the 132 years since to override its white supremacist taint.”

“Libraries can make their public spaces available to everyone who wants to rent them, but they do not have to green-light every single programming request that comes into the system. That includes requests from the Crocoduck guy.”

Someone is eventually going to die thanks to this kind of thing.”

They are coming for your birth control.

“Now, to be clear, we are not saying there is a specific correlation between authoring abusive laws that target LGBTQ+ people and also being indicted for wire fraud and money laundering. We are just saying socially conservative white men are bad people.”

“Go check out the We The People Bible, made in America, printed in America, assembled in America — you’re going to love it.”

“The people who care about this already care, and the people who don’t already don’t.”

I think foster parents who do that violate youth.”

“The measles virus is primarily spreading around the city of Columbus and has infected at least 81 children so far, hospitalizing 29 of them, officials reported last week.”

100-plus examples of Republican politicians embracing antisemitic media since 2021

“Republican firebrand Michele Fiore, who does not have a law degree, will fill a seat on the Pahrump Justice Court in Nye County through 2024.”

The powers that be absolutely hate full employment.”

We can be especially proud of the City of Milwaukee … casting 37,000 less votes than cast in the 2018 election with the major reduction happening in the overwhelming Black and Hispanic areas.”

“This sparked a conviction among many on the right that their best hope to win elections rested on restricting who can vote and shaping the electorate.”

“Failed Republican candidate arrested in shootings targeting Democratic politicians’ homes.”

“You know what it feels like to have a bunch of men in this room looking at your top trying to decide whether it’s appropriate or not.”

Trying to find it is not always the easiest thing—some are extremely tiny.”



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