Did someone mention ‘Groomers’?

Did someone mention ‘Groomers’? December 1, 2023

Republican state senator

Youth pastor (Colorado)

Pastor (Oklahoma)

Catholic priest (Alabama)

IHOP leader (the mega-church IHOP, not the one with pancakes)

Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Youth pastor (North Carolina)

Pastor (South Carolina)

Catholic priest (Ohio)

Philly Republican Ward leader and faith-based outreach coordinator for Moms for Liberty

Youth pastor (Minnesota)

Pastor (Texas)

• A different Texas pastor

Catholic priest (New York)

• The Louisiana Christian College Judge Paul Pressler School of Law

Youth pastor (Wisconsin)

Pastor (Kentucky)

Catholic priest (Illinois)

• “A Florida GOP Leader, a Moms for Liberty Founder, and Allegations of Group Sex and Rape

Youth pastor (Arkansas)

Pastor (Oregon)

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Lent (and spring training) start today
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Lent (and spring training) start today
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