Cops behaving badly (12.9.23)

Cops behaving badly (12.9.23) December 9, 2023

I can’t believe I’m getting robbed.”

“Yet sadly, neither my experiences nor my context freed me from the blindness and moral enslavement of police culture.”

“The men said they drove immediately to the police, but were turned away from two law enforcement stations when they tried to report what they saw.”

“It wasn’t until 172 excruciating days after his disappearance that Bettersten learned the truth: Dexter had been killed less than an hour after he’d left home, struck by a Jackson Police Department vehicle driven by an off-duty officer.”

“A Mississippi civil rights lawyer was arrested Saturday after filming a traffic stop conducted by officers from a police department she is suing in federal court.”

“The case settled with the State of Tennessee agreeing to pay Garton $125,000 to go away and not make them admit in court how little they understand about long settled principles of free speech law.”

“Delaware State Police have agreed to pay $50,000 to resolve a federal lawsuit filed by a man who said troopers violated his constitutional rights by preventing him from warning motorists about a speed trap.”

“The city of Louisville agreed to pay $20.5 million to two men who were alleged victims of corrupt former police officer Mark Handy and the department, which played a central role in their wrongful conviction for the alleged ‘satanic ritual’ killing of Rhonda Sue Warford in 1992.”

“The department has engaged in racial discrimination against Black and Native American people in stops, searches, and uses of force.”

“Indianola Police Officer Shot 11-Year-Old Boy Who Called 911 For Help.”

“Moses Lake police nearly beat Joseph Zamora to death. Then he was charged with and convicted of assaulting an officer.”

“The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department fired five deputies who have been accused of beating and sexually assaulting two Black men.”

“A Pennsylvania state trooper was arrested on Thursday on several charges—including strangulation and false imprisonment—for allegedly abusing his state power to have his ex-girlfriend improperly committed to a mental facility last month.”

“The police chief who led an August raid on a small weekly newspaper in central Kansas resigned, just days after he was suspended from his post and following the release of body camera video of the raid showing an officer searching the desk of a reporter investigating the chief’s past.”

“The Kansas magistrate judge who authorized a police raid of the Marion County Record newsroom over its probe into a local restaurateur’s drunken-driving record has her own hidden history of driving under the influence.”

“You wrongfully indicted an innocent person because you presented inaccurate evidence to a grand jury, you failed to review available evidence, and when you were made aware that you may have an innocent person under indictment you did little to ensure that your prosecution was just.”

“The officers used none of the non-violent options and chose to decimate Baker’s home to apprehend the suspect.”

Civil asset forfeiture is a rigged, selfish, stupid game.”

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