Postcards from the class & culture wars (3.23.24)

Postcards from the class & culture wars (3.23.24) March 23, 2024

“Republican governors in 15 states are rejecting a new federally funded program to give food assistance to hungry children during the summer months, denying benefits to 8 million children across the country.”

“Leaders of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination face a pair of new lawsuits that accuse the Southern Baptist Convention of covering up sexual abuse in local churches.”

“For several years—in the sun up to the 2020 election and then raising money for his Save America PAC after he was defeated by Joe Biden, the Former Guy has advertised a promotion where a small dollar donor is chosen to have a meal with Trump: no one has ever won.”

“It’s like discovering some hidden fabric of the universe that binds and connects everyone with an offshore bank account and three or more wives.”

“By pleading guilty today, Reynolds admitted that he and his co-conspirators used false and fraudulent promises to market Medical Cost Sharing as a ‘Health Care Sharing Ministry’ to defraud hundreds of ‘ministry members.'”

Two Moms for Liberty members abruptly announced their resignations from the Central Bucks School Board in the middle of their meeting Tuesday night.”

“Some parents in the Sunshine State are outraged that their children’s school is asking them to sign permission slips allowing a book by a Black author to be read to their kids.”

“You want to bring back the institution of abortion so that kids can get abortions in the state of Missouri. A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this.”

What can I even say without having to go to jail?

“Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard (Idaho), introduced a bill Thursday to expand the state’s cannibalism ban and told a legislative committee that she’s worried about the possibility that people are eating other people.”

“A man in the US state of New Mexico has pleaded guilty to helping a defeated Republican candidate carry out drive-by shootings at the home of Democrats.”

My Dad Was a White Slave, Kentucky Republican Tells NAACP

“The incident highlights once again how Musk has not only welcomed extremists onto his platform but has repeatedly boosted their conspiracies, engaged with their accounts, and seems to have protected them from scrutiny.

Florida’s Senate approved a bill that would ban cities and counties from adopting requirements for mandatory water breaks and other workplace protections against extreme heat.”

If the work that Annunciation House conducts is illegal, so too is the work of our local hospitals, schools, and food banks.”

“Florida health officials announced an investigation into a cluster of measles cases at an elementary school in the Fort Lauderdale area with a low vaccination rate, a scenario health experts fear will become more and more common amid slipping vaccination rates nationwide.”

“Seriously though — what is it with the terrible white rapper to MAGA/Nazi/Conspiracy Loon pipeline?”

“His commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others was truly remarkable and served as an inspiration to many.”


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