David Bentley Hart on the Incoherence of Hell

David Bentley Hart on the Incoherence of Hell January 13, 2021

A mic drop for universalism, whether or not you’re attracted or revolted by the concept, from David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall be Saved:

“The position I want to attempt to argue, therefore, to see how well it holds together is far more extreme: to wit, that, if Christianity is in any way true, Christians not doubt the the salvation of all, and that any understanding of what God accomplished in Christ that does not include the assurance of a final apokatastasis in which all things created are redeemed and joined to God is ultimately entirely incoherent and unworthy of rational faith”

It will take a book review to unpack this (and I will), but the thrust of Hart’s position is that the meta-narrative of Christianity ultimately renders the concept of eternal torment impossible – both logically and existentially.


From page 66 of Hart, David Bentley. 2019. That all shall be saved: heaven, hell, and universal salvation.

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