When I Fell in Love – My One True Valentine

When I Fell in Love – My One True Valentine February 14, 2023

He had been there in the background for many years,
A calming silent presence in the midst of my tears,
Shadowy substance hidden in haze and misty meres,
I didn’t see him ‘cos I hid behind many fears.

He was content to calmly woo me in my essence ,
Quietly waiting to break the time of his silence,
Patiently he bore my negligence and defiance,

Until the moment was ripe for proper affiance.

He stepped into the open to catch my attention,
Swept away all my doubts and morbid apprehension,
Capturing my heart with his gentle persuasion,
He made me aware of his original intention.

I was amazed when I saw it was me he had chosen,
To be his own who was nothing except broken.
I couldn’t for the life of me see why he had this notion,
That I was something worthy of his full devotion.

He made me so strong with his love that I did really blossom,
He made me secure with his care that I feel so awesome.
I was startled to hear that he rescued me with a ransom,
And now he is in the process of producing a transform.

Falling in love with Jesus was an easy thing,
Why wouldn’t I when he thinks I am worth something!
He is my stable anchor in any and everything,

For me to live for Him is the only the right thing!

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