May 17, 2019

The aura is a glowing light that radiates off the body, similar to a light radiating from a light bulb. Some auras are a soft, gentle light. Others have a strong and vibrant light. Most people have about six feet of many different colored bands of light in their aura. The outer bands in the aura change all the time – depending on what is happening in a person’s life at that time. For example, if someone is angry, red… Read more

April 7, 2019

The following briefly describes the personalities and the dreams of the different aura color personalities. There are also tips on what you can do to accomplish your dreams. You can go here to discover your aura colors   Yellow Aura Color Personalities & How You Can Accomplish Your Dreams You with Yellow auras are some of the most fun-loving, free-spirited, energetic, and childlike personalities in the aura spectrum. You are wonderful, sensitive, optimistic beings, whose life purpose is to bring… Read more

April 6, 2019

The following briefly describes the personalities and the dreams of the different aura color personalities. There are also specific tips on what you can do with your special aura colors to accomplish your dreams. If you don’t know or don’t remember what your two main aura colors are, you can go here to take the short aura color quiz. We’ll be exploring each color’s gifts and natural Violet Aura Color Personalities & How You Can Accomplish Your Dreams If you… Read more

March 14, 2019

  You can extend the power of your thoughts far beyond merely affecting your body. You can influence the weather and your environment.  When I arrived in Maui, Hawaii, late one night, the weather report said that it would be raining on the entire island for days. That wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. I desired a warm, sunny vacation in Hawaii. I had been studying the effects of our thoughts on our environment so I decided to experiment…. Read more

February 15, 2019

Science and religion have been at odds for centuries – neither believing that the other has the truth about reality. Today, a new spirituality (or rather a revival of ancient beliefs) and a new physics are emerging – and together they appear to be revealing a new version of “reality.” Quantum physics is progressively validating what ancient spiritual masters taught. So what does the new physics have to do with spirituality? “The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a… Read more

December 21, 2018

Like so many people I know, I have spent my life searching for “the truth.” I wanted to find the answers to life’s most important questions: Who are we? Who or what is God? What is life all about? How can I find and experience true love? Can I really attain total fulfillment and happiness in this lifetime? Is it possible to have everything my heart desires? Deep down I believed the answers were attainable; I also believed they would… Read more

November 23, 2018

I’ve created a list of cool to help you with your holiday shopping. Instead of just guessing what to buy someone, I’m hoping this information about a person’s likes and desires will help you find the perfect gift. Happy holidays! Violet aura color personalities are visionary, passionate, creative, global humanitarians, and communicators. They love music, travel, global causes, performing, photography, art, media, spirituality, and beauty so great gifts for them would be anything related to those topics. You could give… Read more

October 19, 2018

I encourage us to keep our hearts open and our visions strong and positive – committing even more to being conscious and living intentionally with love, thus changing the world. I continue to believe that we are shifting the consciousness in positive ways, that there is more love, kindness and good in the world now. I admire those countries that are putting love and compassion ahead of fear by continuing to allow fleeing and desperate refugees into their country. And I… Read more

October 11, 2018

There is loving energy all around you – it surrounds you and moves through you. The entire universe is made of this energy – and everything is filled with an immense, loving presence – so immense it’s beyond words. You are a very special and loving soul here – and a very important part of this divine presence. You do belong – and you’ve always been loved, safe, and cared for. You’ve been given the gift to create whatever experiences… Read more

October 6, 2018

If everything is energy and there is nothing solid to matter, why do we perceive anything as solid—with color, texture, and so on? It may be because we have trained our five physical senses to perceive the world that way. Neuroscientists believe that the waves of energy or light that reach our eyes, ears, and other physical senses from the outer world are translated as solid objects and events inside the brain and that’s what gives us our perception of… Read more

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