Five Physical Senses

Five Physical Senses October 6, 2018

If everything is energy and there is nothing solid to matter, why do we perceive anything as solid—with color, texture, and so on? It may be because we have trained our five physical senses to perceive the world that way. Neuroscientists believe that the waves of energy or light that reach our eyes, ears, and other physical senses from the outer world are translated as solid objects and events inside the brain and that’s what gives us our perception of reality.

It seems we can’t trust our five physical senses to give us an accurate version of the world or of reality, though. Our physical senses deceive us all the time. Science tells us the Earth travels around the sun. Don’t your eyes tell you the sun comes up and goes around us? Experts tell us the Earth is round. But when you look around, don’t you perceive the Earth as flat, with hills, mountains, and valleys maybe, but certainly not round? The Earth is spinning at approximately 1,040 m.p.h.25 Do your physical senses feel that speed? Your ears only pick up a small range of sounds. Most frequencies are either too high or too low for human ears to detect. What else exists that you’re not hearing, seeing, or feeling? 

We would greatly benefit from developing our other senses, including our sixth sense. We also need to open our minds and retrain our five physical senses to perceive the world differently so we can gain a more expanded and, I believe, truthful picture of reality. We have a very limited version of reality right now. That’s what we’re doing now: learning how to shift our beliefs and therefore our perceptions of the universe. 


Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. Pamala has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Better TV, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines.

Pam is the Founder of AuraColors a site designed to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. She also developed LoveColors, this site is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

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