What Your Aura Colors Bring To The Holidays

What Your Aura Colors Bring To The Holidays November 22, 2019

Since we’re moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Yellow Auras – with your generous spirit, kind smile and sense of humor, you can keep people light and optimistic during these, sometimes, stressful times. You can remind your loved ones that life and the holidays are supposed to be fun. Keep them laughing. You’re also great at coming up with simple and creative ideas for gifts and things to do together. In-joy!!

Crystal Auras, you can bring calm spiritual energy to your family occasions. You can gather people together in prayer and meditation to bring peace and harmony to the meals. Since chaos can fragment you, rather than being affected by the stressful behavior of others, be serene and intelligent so you can calm those around you instead. Your healing energy could also dissolve any family emotional rifts from the past.

What you bring to the Holidays

Since we’re moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Magenta Auras, your unusual artistic mind could create a vibrant holiday environment with lights and outrageous, moving displays for your family. Or you could prepare a unique meal to keep things interesting and non-traditional. You can remind your family that each person, even if they are unique and out of the ordinary, has value. Just remember to value their souls too – even if they’re not like you. There’s a place for each of us.

Orange Auras, your adventurous spirit lends well to bringing something out of the ordinary to the party. You do could something fun for the holidays and take your family on an adventure. For example, some cities have tours that take people around to see the holiday lights. Or if you’re more adventurous and have the resources, you could take them on a family ski trip to celebrate. Since you’re usually off on your own adventures, your greatest gift could be actually spending time with your friends and family.

What you bring to the Holidays

Since we’re moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Lavender Auras, your creative abilities can be a delightful gift during the holidays. You can create a wonderful holiday environment for everyone. And you can create beautiful or fun stories to read to the children. (Remember there are children of all ages – in other words, the child inside each adult could also enjoy your whimsical stories.) Help keep the gatherings light-hearted, creative, loving, and simple for everyone. Bring out everyone’s inner child.

Indigo Auras, you can remind people of the intrinsic value of each soul at your gatherings by honoring and respecting each person. If people disagree because of their differences, you can share thoughts about each person’s positive qualities instead. After all, aren’t love, appreciation, unity and living higher principles at the heart of what these holidays are supposed to be about? Now is your chance to demonstrate those qualities to others rather than get caught up in old dramas.

Green Auras, you have a great ability to plan and organize so you are the perfect person to coordinate all the activities. Most others would be overwhelmed by booking a lot of flights, coordinating schedules for pick-ups at the airport, and making sure everything else is handled. You also are great at bringing intelligent, thought-provoking conversations to all the gatherings.

Tans Auras with your ability to stay calm and rational, you can help everyone remain patient and tolerant when any chaos arises. You are also good at being the one responsible for running errands, picking up the tables and chairs, preparing food, or anything else that is needed. Your calm and stable attitude can influence everyone around you. You can help keep everything simple and down-to-earth so things don’t get out of hand.

Violet Auras – with your emotional depth, compassion, and ability to see the bigger picture, you can be a great communicator and mediator to help keep peace and harmony in the group. You can help people see both sides or at least help them honor everyone’s differences. There’s room for all perspectives and lifestyles. You’re here to bring peace and a better life in the world. This is a great time to show what we are capable of creating together.

Blue Auras– with your loving and sincere heart, and your ability to sense what others are feeling and needing, you make people feel cared for. You often remind people how important love is by being an example. Show people, it’s safe to express love. Isn’t love why we have these holidays, after all? And you’re great at creating a warm, supportive and inviting home where people can spend time together.

Red Auras, you’re best at taking physical action and making sure things get done. You’re great at hauling the tree inside, hanging the outside lights, or placing other holiday symbols around the home. Or you can prepare the feast for the whole family. You’re also the one who typically shovels the walkway and brings in the wood to make a fire in the fireplace so friends and family feel safe, cozy and well provided for. Allow your strength to help others feel taken care of during the holidays.


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