Like Father, Like Son–Obama’s Training as a Con Man

Like Father, Like Son–Obama’s Training as a Con Man November 21, 2015

Obama has always expressed a desire to live out his dad’s dreams.  He even entitled his autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

But unfortunately for the rest of us, Barack Obama Sr. was no outstanding citizen. In fact, he was a phenomenal con man. I might even be a little impressed by his ‘resume.’

Barack Sr. taught his son to lie and cheat the system starting in grade school. And the effects of this doctrine are now evident in his son’s administration.

Dinesh D’Souza, author of Stealing America and The Roots of Obama’s Rage, has a thesis explaining President Obama’s inherited con man skills:

I previously argued that while Obama saw that his dad was a failure, and refused to emulate his personality, he nevertheless embraced his Kenyan father’s anticolonial ideology. Consequently, Obama sought to diminish America’s wealth and power out of a moral commitment to global redistribution. My thesis was that Obama wanted America to go down, so that other countries could come up….

…Obama came to admire his dad from a very young age. At that time he was naïve. He aspired to be just like dad, a lion of a man, a figure of history. As a young adult, however, Obama discovered his father was no lion of a man, no figure of history. Rather, he was a petty con man…

…Obama now realized his father was a failed con man. Yet this did not cause Obama to give up on his childhood infatuation. Obama still aspired to follow in his father’s path. He decided to become a con man himself. And part of this involved embracing the con man’s pitch, which was anticolonialism. This pitch was marked as a “dream.” In fact, it was less a dream than a scheme.

Obama knew that he would have to redesign his father’s con. He had no intention of being a petty con man.

Don’t you find that the least bit chilling? Our President has a personal goal to undermine our great nation, based on principals taught by his con man father.

The lengths his father went took to secure wealth and power are nothing compared to what his son has accomplished. Barack Jr. has doubled the national debt. He’s pitted the top 1% against the bottom 99%. He apologizes for the American way. And he continues to erode the democratic values our Founding Fathers envisioned.

I’m sure if Barack Sr. could see his protege he would be very proud. But our nation deserves a leader who has the best interests of the American people at heart.

Read an in-depth history of his father’s con resume here.

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