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Comedy Central hires black hosts and its “tolerant” audience has changed the channel | Stacey Dash

Comedy Central hires black hosts and its “tolerant” audience has changed the channel

Comedy Central hires black hosts and its “tolerant” audience has changed the channel June 27, 2016

It seems as though once Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert left Comedy Central, they took the high ratings with them. Even the progressive move of replacing them with fresh black faces isn’t enough to keep its liberal audiences entertained. In fact, that might be the reason the audience is jumping ship. Liberals aren’t as tolerant as they think they are.

The numbers don’t lie: The Daily Show, now hosted by South African comedian Trevor Noah, is down 38% among its 18-49 demographic. According to The Wrap, “In total viewers, the show has lost 35 percent of what Stewart used to get (1.2 million versus 1.9 million).”

Why is this? I’ll have to (laughingly) agree with Moe Lane on this one:

“In 2012 The Daily Show skewed 10% Republican, 41% Independent, 45% Democratic; or, if you prefer… 14% conservative, 42% moderate, 43% liberal. I’m going to hence go out on a limb here and suggest that… the Daily Show caters to a distinctly left-leading audience. And from there it’s obvious: liberals don’t groove as much on the show because its new host Trevor Noah is a black dude.

“I mean, shoot, it’s not exactly a secret that white progressives have real difficulty taking minorities seriously. Or letting them mainstream.”

It’s true! One of those white progressives, CNN’s Dean Obeidallah, is practically begging for Stewart to come out of retirement:

“We need Jon Stewart back now!”

Larry “Obama’s My Nigga” Wilmore isn’t picking up any new viewers despite his set at President Obama’s very last White House Correspondents’ Dinner. His The Nightly Show has dropped 40% among the 18-49 demographic and has seen a 29% decline in total viewership.

It seems the Comedy Central ship is sinking and its attempt to diversify has done nothing but cost them a once loyal audience. How’s that for tolerance?

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