Things I Learned On The Internet Lately

Things I Learned On The Internet Lately July 14, 2016

I promise I’ll go back to my long-winded meditations next time, folks, but I’ve got to try out this fancy new slideshow format at least once. Here are eight fun things I’ve learned on the internet lately.


(photo courtesy of Door Number 9’s Etsy)

1. My friend Elisa from Door Number 9 makes quilted cloth book icons, and you can get one here. I don’t get a kickback for advertising her things, I just think this is an awesome idea. It contains icons of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox year. It folds out into a line, it folds back into a book, and it looks wonderfully sturdy. I’m going to order one and bring it to Divine Liturgy with my daughter, soon as I can, since some meanie went and removed the old icon-covered church bulletins from the foyer so there’s nothing for her to look at.

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