You’ll Never Believe What Catholic Bloggers Do

You’ll Never Believe What Catholic Bloggers Do August 3, 2016


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I’ve only been a blogger for a few months. I don’t know if the Catholic blogging world is always as tempestuous as these months have been, but these months have been kinda tempestuous. It seems that there’s a whole sector of the Catholic Internet which feels they’re glorifying God if they can ruin somebody’s reputation. They’ve even mentioned me, occasionally, and I’m barely on the map. They’ve done a lot worse to some more famous bloggers.

Just the other day, a couple of my blogger friends were featured in an exposé which claimed they weren’t fit to write, because they are often angry and use vulgarity. One of my friends in particular, a mother of ten, had a rainbow of screenshots posted of every vulgar snarky remark she’s made on her personal Facebook page for the past several years. This was presented as evidence of her depravity and her being unfit to write for Catholic publications. People were sharing the holy heck out of this post. It was all over the place. They thought it was funny to share it with pictures of popcorn, waiting for a flame war to start up.

I didn’t really see it as funny, myself. To me it seemed spiteful and sanctimonious.

I think that you’d have to be extremely sheltered, to be shocked to find out that a mom of ten makes vulgar jokes on Facebook. Mothers are a hard-boiled lot. We endure more pain than just about anyone, from the biological act of labor to every emotional blow that happens after labor. We sometimes cope with that by being vulgar. Some of us swear. I’ve only got one child, myself, and this morning when I was ruining the breakfast pancakes as usual I did a pretty good impression of a drunken pirate. I swore at those pancakes when my daughter was out of the room. I shouldn’t have, but I did.

So there you have it, folks. Catholic bloggers swear.

You know what else we do? I can’t speak for all Catholic bloggers, but I’ll tell you some sordid things about myself:

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