Has Father Pavone Kept Mummified Human Remains For More Than A Decade?

Has Father Pavone Kept Mummified Human Remains For More Than A Decade? November 7, 2016


Alert reader and commentator 

A dead baby VERY SIMILAR to this one was put on public display in Charlotte before the 2012 Democratic National Convention. When asked what happened to the baby’s remains after the “event,” which featured the baby in an open casket on the sidewalk outside a Catholic church (which was closed at the time), Father Pavone would not say anything other than that he has a memorial to the unborn in New York that his ministry manages. The reason I note the similarity between the two sets of remains is that the bruising and discoloration are due to the effects of a saline abortion, a late-term abortion procedure no longer performed in the U.S. (Dilation & Curettage has been the preferred method since the mid-1990s). More than one person involved with the Charlotte “event” told me the baby’s remains are kept in a container with formaldehyde, and that Father Pavone had custody of the container.

This is a very good point. When I looked at that photo of the deceased infant, and I don’t recommend you do, I was convinced I’d seen it before too.

I have admitted that, when I was young, foolish and in a very spiritually abusive living situation as a teen and young adult, I used to picket abortion clinics and share graphic photos of aborted infants. I now realize that that is a terrible way to help women and babies and disrespectful of the babies who died in this way. At the time, I thought it was God’s will, and I was wrong. I’m sorry. But during those days, one of the photos I shared looked an awful lot like that aborted child Pavone had on his desecrated altar. The burn marks are just same, on the back and on one arm, and the odd purple color is the same. I suppose it could be that all babies killed in a saline abortion have marks on the back and arm, but due to the different positions a baby can take in the womb I seriously doubt that’s the case. I think that exact baby may well have been in Father Pavone’s possession for ten years or more.

Up until a few hours ago, I thought Pavone only lost his mind recently, but if this is true he’s been hoarding a human baby and parading it out periodically as a political prop for over a decade. He just took a child who, if he or she lived, would be a teenager by now, and used it to desecrate an altar in order to make a political speech for Donald Trump.

This brings us to the question: how did Pavone get ahold of a dead baby’s corpse? How does he know what happened to it? What if this was a miscarried infant delivered to him by an unscrupulous pathologist, though the pattern of the bruising makes it unlikely. Why has nothing been done to give that child a proper burial? Dancing close to violating his tax-exempt status and repeatedly defying bishops is one thing. Being callous to rape victims is another. But obtaining, hoarding and periodically displaying a human corpse is quite another still.

I am calling on local civil and religious authorities to confiscate those human remains and give them proper burial in accordance with Church teaching. I believe that Father Pavone and whatever medical professional gave him the remains of a dead baby ought to be investigated and, if lawbreaking can be proven, prosecuted. This is not a small matter. It’s not just grave scandal against our faith, it may well be an actual crime.

Remember that this child has a mother who is likely deeply traumatized– late-term abortions like this are not carried out casually and are even more traumatic and painful than an abortion usually is. Father Pavone is currently ridiculing anyone who asks who that baby’s mother is on his public facebook page; I do not. This child had a father who may or may not know what happened; he may be deeply traumatized as well. And this child is, him or herself, a human person with an immortal soul. He or she died a painful, burning death alone. God knows this child’s name. His or her angel intercedes before the Throne at this very moment. May the innocent victim of abortion who is now being exploited as a political prop and denied a Christian burial by a disobedient sacrilege intercede for our country and for all who seek to use people for political gain.



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