Special Alert For My Readers In The Portland Area

Special Alert For My Readers In The Portland Area December 9, 2016




I’ve just been informed about an urgent Missing Persons case from the Portland area.  Her family is desperate to find her, and my friend has asked me to pass along this information.

The small print on the above missing persons notice reads:

Anne Delaney has a history of going missing and of visiting 24 hour Adoration chapels, with the mission: “fast unto death.” She will not eat or drink on her journey, and in the past has been located in Oklahoma, Los Angeles and New York. Anne suffers from mental illness and has not been taking her medications. She is likely to appear very emaciated. If located, please call police so her welfare can be checked. It is also believed she will respond favorably to a Catholic priest. Contact Detective Helwig 24/7 for additional information.

Detective Heidi Helwig #41499

Missing Person Unit

503-823-0797 desk 503-545-3861 cell

It’s extremely cold and dangerous to be outside in Portland right now, and Anne has a five month old baby who misses her. If any of my readers see her, please do contact Detective Helwig. And I ask my readers to keep her in your prayers as well. Thank you!

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