Who is Steve Skojec, Anyway?

Who is Steve Skojec, Anyway? March 28, 2017


Who is Steve Skojec?

Just over a year ago I was a grumpy, opinionated person with no Patheos blog to my name, and I had no idea. I also didn’t know who Austin Ruse or Novus Ordo Watch was. I thought Frank Pavone was a devout and sincere priest with whom I had minor disagreements. I barely even knew what The Remnant was, and the same for The Lepanto Institute. I ignored LifeSite. 

Blogging has been quite an education.

In any case, an alert reader has drawn my attention to the twitter feed of Steve Skojec, so now I’ve had to educate myself yet again. I find that Skojec is, like me, a writer who broadcasts his opinions on the internet. Like me, he went to Franciscan University, though he graduated with his BA a few years before I arrived to do my MA there. Like me, he doesn’t think before he speaks all the time and likes to run his mouth. Unlike me, he has an awesome pointy Freud beard.  His blog is called One Peter Five, and the tagline is “Restoring Catholic Culture. Restoring Catholic Tradition.” I like “Everything is Grace” better, personally.

Oh, and of course, Skojec is very into conspiracy theories that paint Pope Francis in a terrible light. He may or may not be full-blown sedevacantist yet, but he’s pretty far out there in the drama queen department. I tend to drama queen about certain things myself, but I am faithful to the Holy Father.

In any case, my friend drew my attention to Skojec after he re-tweeted a joke so racist it about burned the hair off of my arms. Here it is:


It’s one thing if you want to talk about controlling our borders and how to do that, but he just compared his fellow children of God to an invasive species.

Skojec was called out on this, and immediately denied that the tweet was in any way racist. Drawing a comparison between a race of human beings and weeds wasn’t racist at all, and if you thought it was you’re guilty of lying, I’m sorry I mean “calumny.”


Catholic bloggers always tend to say “calumny” instead of just plain old libel. It sounds so much more Catholic.  I should use it myself sometimes. Calumny. Nice ten-dollar word. Rolls off the tongue. Anyway, he was adamant that a joke comparing human persons to weeds was not in any way white nationalist. And to emphasize this, he started talking like your classic 4chan alt right white nationalist right there in public on Twitter.


“Beta.” And not the fish either.


“Cuck.” Now, Steve, if you swapped out the “c” for an “f” I would just assume you were bellicose. I myself swear and fight online sometimes, though it’s a habit I am trying to break. But since you said “cuck” you’ve pretty much outed yourself as a white nationalist after all. They’re the only people who talk like that. It’s their word. Claiming you’re not actually racist by saying “beta” and “cuck” is like claiming you’re not actually a hipster and calling your detractors mainstream.



This cowardly cheese ball has no problem with “unpopular” racist language or vocabulary, but he has the stones to take offense and cry “calumny” when people call him a white nationalist. Maybe his beard is fake, too.

How this kind of behavior in a public forum is “restoring Catholic tradition” is beyond me. It’s not my idea of Catholic tradition at all.

It gets worse, naturally. Just recently, Skojec just publicly LOLed at a stream of extremely racist anti-Muslim tweets. Not just against Islam the religion, but against Middle Easterners in general. I’ll just give you a taste of it.



Steve, there’s no calumny in calling someone who finds these tweets funny a white nationalist. It would be scandal to allow any of my readers to think that this kind of nonsense represents the Catholic church.

Anybody can say something tasteless or crude on social media, but I’ve scrolled down Skojec’s twitter feed for a piece and all I can see are re-postings of One Peter Five articles interspersed with the most astonishing bigotry. I discovered that he also wants to kill pro-choice people:

Screenshot (40)

Whoever Steve Skojec is, he doesn’t speak for restoring Catholic tradition.

(first image via Pixabay) 





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