A Humble Request as Winter Wanes

A Humble Request as Winter Wanes February 24, 2018


Well, it’s as humble as I get anyway.

Hi folks, I’ll be back with poetry and prayer and rants in a moment. This is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat is almost entirely reader supported, and my family and I live on tips. Right now we’re rounding the bend to the last month of winter with a very high utility bill thanks to the extreme cold in January.  As a matter of fact, we paid all we have to live on for the month to avoid shutoff and it’s still nine days until the EBT card reloads. And then the gas company billed for the next month. They’re still not pleased with us.

I’m embarrassed to put up another tin cup rattle so soon after the last one. But when Facebook did whatever it did on its last newsfeed update, that meant a dip in readership on the blog and that is murdering our income lately.

So I ask as always: If you like what you read, give me a tip. If you don’t like what you read but want to be nice anyway, give me a tip. If you want to be mean, give me a really small tip and write something nasty in the memo box. Nobody will see it but me.

How do you tip? It’s very simple. Go to the “donate” tab at the top of the page, just under the Steel Magnificat banner. Click on the tab and then click on the button marked “donate.” Paypal will walk you through everything else. Patheos is in the middle of updating the site, so if this doesn’t work let me know.

Thank you again for everything! Michael and I keep all of you in our prayers.

Now, back to much more interesting content.

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