May Day! A Little Late…

May Day! A Little Late… May 6, 2018


Hey friends, this is just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat runs almost entirely reader-supported. I am homebound about half the time due to a chronic illness, so I write here at Patheos for a living and get paid a small amount per click, but the majority of my family’s income comes from tips. Michael and I busk here online for our lives, three to seven times a week, with gospel meditations and social justice rabble rousing and occasional works of art; you literally keep the lights on and the wifi flowing with your gratuities. We get lots of little five and ten-dollar tips, sometimes we get enormous tips; between the two of them somehow we’ve stayed alive all this time and we are exceptionally grateful.

We have very good months and very lean ones. The past month or so has been lean, as we’re still learning how to work with Facebook’s stupid new algorithms to get our posts seen by more people. Just when we’re close to getting out from under the winter’s heating bills, summer weather hit all of a sudden and we had to turn the AC on, and so it goes.

If you’d like to leave a tip, just click on the “donate” tab at the top of this page under the Steel Magnificat banner. Then click on the bright yellow button labeled “donate” and PayPal will lead you through the process. You can give just once or subscribe to tip monthly if you like. If you can’t afford to tip, just please keep reading and sharing and may God bless you.

Thank you all again for your readership and support.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

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