Passing the Hat for Late Spring

Passing the Hat for Late Spring April 7, 2021


Hi folks! This is not a real post, just my monthly reminder that Steel Magnificat, and my family, run on tips. I’ll be back on with a real post later today.

I get a very small paycheck from Patheos for clicks in the United States, zilch for most overseas clicks, I will eventually get a royalty check for my books, and everything else my family lives on is gratuities from satisfied readers. This pays my light bill so I can keep the computer turned on and keep writing. And the light bills are about to skyrocket because we’re only about a month and a half away from Steubenville’s notorious armpit-humid summer, and we’re still living in a drafty rental house without central air. My fibromyalgia acts up in bad heat so we cool the whole house with a comical series of old window air conditioners, some of which need to be replaced and all of which use a lot of electricity. There’s a hot spell going on in Steubenville for the next three days and we already had to turn them on once for a few hours in the afternoon. That’s only going to get more expensive as the year goes on. In addition we’ve been putting off taking the Neighborhood Trolley to the shop to get that fender cover put back on.

So, as always, I ask: if you like what you read, give me a tip when you can. I am very grateful for all of my patrons. Some just tip a few dollars now and then and some tip much more. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you pay what you think I’m worth and you get to read even if you can’t afford it.

To tip, just go to our donate page here, click on the bright yellow button, and Paypal will walk you through the rest. The button says “donate” but they’re not charitable donations; I pay taxes on them, or would if I made enough.

And now back to blog posts worth reading!

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