A Request for the Start of the Year

A Request for the Start of the Year January 16, 2021


Hello folks,

I’ve got a real post in a tab for later today. This is just my monthly boring post where I remind everybody that Steel Magnificat runs on tips. My writing is my family’s income. For the Patheos portion of my writing, I get a monthly paycheck that might be as much as three digits long for clicks in the United States, and I get nothing for clicks most places overseas. The rest of my income through the blog is gratuities from satisfied readers. Think of it as tipping your Uber driver or throwing a penny in the busker’s hat. We are very grateful for all of your patronage.

This month, we’re in a trickier place than we’ve been since the summer. The government stimulus paid our old utility bills to zero, but we woke up this morning officially broke again. The rent check has already been mailed. Now it’s a matter of living for the rest of this month and next.

So, as always, I ask: if you like what you read, give me a tip when you can! Just go to the donate page here, click on the bright yellow button, and Paypal will walk you through the rest. The button says “donate” but they’re not charitable donations, they’re just tips. I pay taxes on them, or would if I made enough.

And now, back to blog posts worth reading!



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