Presenting our Advent Work of Mercy!

Presenting our Advent Work of Mercy! November 30, 2021


Hello friends!

I was so thrilled to see the great response to my birthday gift drive for Steubenville’s poor and homeless that I decided to do it again.  This is an Advent donation drive, just in time for Giving Tuesday, and I hope we can get it done by Saint Nicholas Day on the sixth because Saint Nicholas is my favorite saint.

I’ve set up a Christmas gift registry of snacks, treats, warm supplies and toiletries for the homeless. You can access it here. If you buy a gift it will be delivered to my house so I can organize all the supplies. I registered for enough things to fill twelve backpacks for women and twelve for men. At first I was going to register for the cheap bulk packs of hats and gloves, but they looked so flimsy I decided to ask for 24 nice gift packs of hats and gloves instead– that’s a lot more expense, but it means everyone will get something comfortable that lasts more than a few days and will withstand the weather if they have to be outside when it gets down into the teens. I’d rather just hand out a few backpacks of sturdy useful things than a lot of backpacks full of junk if it comes to it.

Rosie and I will organize these supplies, put a Christmas bow on each, and deliver them to the Friendship Room to distribute to their guests, hopefully by Saint Nicholas Day.

I am always in awe of how my readers come through whenever I ask for help for our neighbors. Thank you as always for helping me serve the hidden Christ.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts!

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Mary Pezzulo is the author of Meditations on the Way of the Cross and Stumbling into Grace: How We Meet God in Tiny Works of Mercy.
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