Webinar on the Human Christ

Webinar on the Human Christ October 7, 2016

Last week the good folks at the Restoration Fellowship had me on for a webinar to discuss A Man Attested by God. I was on screen with Anthony Buzzard who taught for many years at Atlanta Bible College.

The Restoration Fellowship folks label themselves “biblical unitarians.” They have a statement of faith that looks like what you’d see in many evangelical circles, but they follow the biblical precedent in only referring to the Father as God.

In the Q&A they were working me over pretty well on why I still believe Jesus is divine, despite my work in the Synoptics. Take a look (and, of course, buy the book!).

Also, the Restoration Fellowship will be hosting Larry Hurtado for a webinar on Oct 29 at 2pm EDT. You’ll definitely want to join for that, if you’re free!

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