No Commentary Necessary — Vivaldi vs. Bartoli Edition

No Commentary Necessary — Vivaldi vs. Bartoli Edition January 10, 2013

Every now and again, when I’m feeling particularly discouraged … or particularly buoyant … or sometimes for no reason at all, I hunt down this video. And marvel.


So amazing, in fact, that I’m at a loss to know what else one can say in the face of such exuberant and extraordinary ability. No commentary necessary, right?

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to sit in on a colleague’s class while he played this clip for his students. At its conclusion, they sat silent and transfixed for several seconds (which felt interminable) before bursting into sustained and boisterous applause. …which is just about the best commentary possible.

The entire concert — Cecilia Bartoli: Live in Italy — is available in full-HD glory from either Decca Classics or Netflix, and in significantly-reduced quality (and uncertain availability) from YouTube. Whatever its resolution, it is highly recommendable.

I don’t usually enjoy concert DVDs, because I find the “imposition” of images while I try to focus on the music distracting. But I make a definite exception in this case. It’s not that Miss Bartoli provides the definitive interpretation in every case (or even in most), or that the sound quality is particular excellent. It’s because she’s having far too much fun to ignore.

Oh, wait. I’m commentating, aren’t I? I’ll shut up now. Go and do thou watch and listen again.

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