Whistle-Stoppin’ Through Wednesday

Whistle-Stoppin’ Through Wednesday February 20, 2013

Wednesdays have always been the toughest workdays for me to handle.

Mondays and Tuesdays are propelled forward by the left-over energy of the Weekend Past, while Thursdays and Fridays are pulled along by the gravity of the Weekend Future.

But Wednesdays just sit there, obdurate.

Which is why Brandon Vogt’s mention of Roger Miller’s beloved “Whistle Stop” is the most valuable thing that’s happened to me all day. Inspired by its cheery playfulness, Saturday feels suddenly within reach.

Hopefully most recognizable as the opening cut from Disney’s Robin Hood — singer/songwriter Roger Miller voiced the poultry (not to be confused with “portly”) Alan-A-Dale, the film’s musical narrator — the song has attained some relatively recent and repetitious notoriety as the Hamster Dance Song. But it will always remind me of a rooster…

…and it will always make me smile.

"Did you manage to find if this was Alda or Asimov? I can't find either."

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