Report: Falwell Jr Enlisted Help of Trump’s Fixer to Stop Blackmail Attempt

Report: Falwell Jr Enlisted Help of Trump’s Fixer to Stop Blackmail Attempt May 8, 2019

So Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen has reported to begin his three year prison sentence for a series of offenses, some of them done in service to Trump.

In a press conference, apologized for his wrongs, and suggested that he had more to tell, and that he looked forward to the day when he could reveal all he knows.

Yes, we can look forward to another tell-all book on just how horrendous and corrupt Donald Trump is.

In the meantime, he’s talking, and some of those tales told paint a vivid picture about the 2016 election. In one particular instance revealed on Tuesday, he’s talking about one of Trump’s most ardent supporters, Jerry Falwell, Jr, dean of Liberty University.

Reuters dropped an exclusive on Tuesday, regarding an account given by Cohen to actor Tom Arnold as to how he helped “fix” a particularly sticky problem for Falwell and his wife, just months before the son of televangelist Jerry Falwell threw his public support behind then-candidate Trump.

It wouldn’t be the first time Cohen has stepped in to help Falwell with a problem.

Back in 2012, Falwell and his wife befriended a 21 year old pool boy at a luxury hotel in Miami, by the name of Giancarlo Granda.

For some mystifying reason, the Falwells decided to loan this otherwise inexperienced young man $1.8 million to invest in a youth hostel, where he would serve as manager.

He had no known business experience. He has no background in the hospitality industry, other than working as a pool attendant, but they were prepared to invest heavily, in order to help him in this venture.

Not only that, but they were flying him around on private jets, bringing him out to be with them on the Liberty University campus.

The odd story came to light because of a lawsuit, brought by two other investors in the Alton Hostel, Jesus Fernandez Sr. and Jesus Fernandez Jr.

The Fernandez family feel they were pushed out of the deal, as the hostel is listed as owned by Granada (the pool boy), Falwell’s wife, Cindy Falwell, and their son, Jerry (Trey) Falwell, III.

Granada was with the couple at a Liberty University convocation in 2012, and met Donald Trump and Michael Cohen at that event.

Just what kind of help Cohen provided in that incident is not immediately clear, but there was some discussion.

Tuesday’s news, however, is another level of “hhmmmm…”

According to Reuters, several months before Jerry Falwell, Jr became the first major evangelical voice to throw his support behind Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race, Cohen was asked to bring his particularly greasy, mob lawyer tactics into play, on Falwell’s behalf.

In a recorded conversation, reviewed by Reuters, Cohen revealed how he stepped in to stop something deeply embarrassing and personal from seeing the light of day.

Falwell, president of Liberty University, one of the world’s largest Christian universities, said someone had come into possession of what Cohen described as racy “personal” photographs — the sort that would typically be kept “between husband and wife,” Cohen said in the taped conversation.

According to a source familiar with Cohen’s thinking, the person who possessed the photos destroyed them after Cohen intervened on the Falwells’ behalf.


Why do I get the feeling that we’re not just talking simply boudoir photos?

So this is where I recall some of the lessons learned from the sex counseling classes that were part of my Psychology major.

Sex between a married, devoted couple is not a bad thing. It’s not to be treated as dirty or wrong. There should be no shame in enjoying each other, as a married couple, because that is what God intended for us.

Touching, exploring, loving, and appreciating everything about our mates. Sex was not simply formed for the sake of procreation. Were that the case, it would be an instinctual process, just as it is for other animals. No one would derive pleasure from it.

In fact, humans are the only living creatures that have sex for pleasure.

As I have often said, however, sex was meant as a wedding gift, not a party favor.

So if Jerry Falwell, Jr and his wife felt like taking some spicy images, during the course of their marital playtime, is it wrong?

My first inclination is to say, no, not entirely.

With that in mind, however, if it’s a case of images that somehow disrespect the marriage bed, or show some otherwise unhealthy appetites, it could be troubling.

The husband is tasked with loving his wife as Christ loved the church, and part of that is protecting her from incidents like this.

The next question should be: Who had those images and how did they gain access to them?

That much we don’t know.

The Falwells enlisted Cohen’s help in 2015, according to the source familiar with Cohen’s thinking, the year Trump announced his presidential candidacy. At the time, Cohen was Trump’s confidant and personal lawyer, and he worked for the Trump Organization.

The Falwells wanted to keep “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” from becoming public, Cohen told Arnold. “I actually have one of the photos,” he said, without going into specifics. “It’s terrible.”

So the individual who had the images destroyed them, but Cohen is saying he’s retained one of them?

And while there is no proof that this is the catalyst for Falwell’s subsequent endorsement of Trump, and his steadfast approval of Trump’s every move, it doesn’t seem particularly on the up-and-up.

During the campaign, Cohen worked closely with Liberty University to help promote Trump’s candidacy. It was around that time that Cohen heard from the Falwells about the photographs, said the source familiar with Cohen’s thinking.

The Falwells told Cohen that someone had obtained photographs that were embarrassing to them, and was demanding money, the source said. Reuters was unable to determine who made the demand. The source said Cohen flew to Florida and soon met with an attorney for the person with the photographs. Cohen spoke with the attorney, telling the lawyer that his client was committing a crime, and that law enforcement authorities would be called if the demands didn’t stop, the source said.

That part is actually correct, so kudos to Cohen for managing some legit lawyering.

With Cohen now behind bars for the next couple of years, we may not immediately get a follow-up to this story, but it’s unlikely to just go away.

And he still has one of the images, so there’s that.



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  • Andre Stricker

    I understand, you place “conservative values”, ahead of everything else, including whats right for America. I just don’t understand Susan, how, a conservative can be so willfully obtuse. the free market, cannot work in a globalized economy, because there is always another bottom, whats best for the consumer, and the business owner cannot be be the alpha and omega of this. I’m an ardent Trump supporter, I vote republican but I’m definitely not a conservative and I promise you, that I’m not stupid. I was in the Army as an Intel Analyst, and in highschool I was an official member of MENSA. If you look critically at what I’m saying I think I would convince you. But as far as the “old conservative values thing” if you were less vitriolic I might be more willing to listen to you. economically I’m in theory a mercantilist, but in practice a protectionist. but if we are living in a time of automation and globalization then Hell, I think Yang’s idea of a universal basic income, is a good thing. If you look at Human civilization, the ancient greeks for example. People all either raided other humans for food and resources, or were hunter gatherers, or subsistence farmers. As techniques to maximize each persons resource collection became more prevalent, it created a situation where, ok some of us cannot continue to farm, because we will be spending all this time and energy on something with so much excess it drops the prices to nothing, can’t be stored, can’t be traded, supply and demand. So this forced people to leave farming and specialize in other things. Where finally the greeks reached a level civilizationally, where some people could drop out of the labor market, to be philosophers and poets, and politicians. On a much larger scale this is whats happening, technologically humans are reaching a point, where the greatest amount of resources in human history are being collected, but this is matched by, automation making this resource collection less and less human centric. I’m only 30, but my family owns a business that I run, dealing with polymer chemistry on an industrial scale, and much of our competition has replaced humans with robots. Amazon, put every brick and mortar electronics store, whatever store, out of business, and runs all of this, with gigantic profit margins, rebots largely replacing humans, and zero federal taxes paid. As far as a workforce, except for a very small number, maybe 20 million, highly specialized programmers and technicians, the rest of the workforce will be obsolete within 20 years due to industrial scale automation. Don’t you see you can’t just keep demanding people “work”?, where ? we can’t all be doctors, if somebody lacks the aptitude, to be anything requiring a degree obviously I’m not saying they should be rich, but a blue collar worker should be able to afford to support a family on ONE income, and the way I see this a Universal basic income is the only way we can do this if we continue down the path of globalized free market. You might think people are loafers, but I know different, my Job requires a 4 year degree in polymeric chemistry, its a 100,000 dollar a year job, I lack the self discipline for university studies because I’m incapable of making myself do homework, and ignoring homework just to ace the exams and hopes it evens out, doesn’t work. What I’m saying is, theres tons of inovative people without the means to inovate, or people who could contribute just through art and literature. If humans are priced out of the market place by machines, a universal basic income would allow the inovators to sit at home without fear of want, and create new goods to move our economy along further, and, like I said before about how plenty, first encouraged specialization, then even more plenty encouraged some people to go into fields not requiring production, just works of the mind, or heart, art literature, philosophy, and now we have reached a point where there will be a MASS exodus from the labor market, because of robots replacing us, this is the momentum of history. Or, we can go the protectionism route, because china is a net exporter, all these countries depend on the US, we are the world’s wealth creators, even places like germany depend on us for defense, China depends on us outsourcing manufacturing, and they keep wages ad the standard of living costs artificially low so there is no demands for wages to rise and equal things ourt don’t you see how the new world we are living in will require drastic measures ? I’m not an egalitarian, I believe Equality is an unnatural and thus evil concept. However, Here in Detroit, I remember Ford laying 10’s of thousands of high-paid factory workers off, but having an executive whose family didn’t want to live in detroit, so Ford had a private jet, not a car, a private jet, to commute him, from Tampa to Detroit, EVERY morning, and every night, yet they tell me they can’t afford to pay $40 dollars an hour ? Every American worker in my mind, should have the ability to raise a family, period. The problem with conservatism of the old school, is it places these conservative principals, like the free market, ahead of everything, ahead of the nation. And your radical Trump hatred doesn’t help the point’s you are trying to make. There is so much challenging American conservatism, world wide christianity. yet you blindly allow yourself to be led. You seem very ill informed to me. in early 2015, I was in Syria, as a former soldier, in a non-paid position helping out the Peshmerga, and I was with a Assyrian Christian milita that i won’t name here, fighting ISIS, after I saw the videos of people’s heads being chopped off and burnt in cages, and knowing my combat skills and the strength of my hands I couldn’t stand by anymore. So let me tell you something about Syria, its a 60% Sunni Majority country, that is rabidly theocratic, but the minorities rule the country, Alawites as the dominant group(their a funny muslim sect, that believes Jesus was the son of God, and the savior, but also believes Muhammed was a prophet, and qualifies as Shia because they believe Ali was the rightful successor) they dominant the nation’s military and politics, then you have the Druze, similar to alawites in religion, and several different sects of christians orthodox, catholic, maronite. As well as ethnic minorities, Kurds, Yazidi, Circassians(a eastern european ethnic group that through a quirk of history got spread throughout the near east) and you have a civil war situation, where all of the minorities are one one side, with the Syrian government, except the Kurds who have their own group, but won’t fight the Alawite government, and the other side you have radical muslims. You say you are a christian, but rights and protections for christians, christian representation in the government, including at the highest levels(the current Minister of Defense, the chief of staff for all branches of the military, is a Catholic) only exists because of the Assad regime, when Assad falls, Shia, Alawite,Druze, Yazidi, and Christian all face genocide, because the christians there know this, out of the roughly 300 christian militias in Syria, roughly all of them, either directly or indirectly support the Syrian Government forces, even the ones like the group I was part of, fighting with the Peshmerga they still supported Assad. So attacking Assad, is the least christian thing I’ve ever heard of. Another article of yours ” trump’s ego makes us less safe”, geopolitically we are friendlier with the nations who pose the greatest risk to us militarily, Russia and China, and the world is safer when we work together. I can make a admission Im a russophile, i love the agressively conservative Christian society and government world view that Putinist Russia has created, hell under Putin, 40% of the russian population supports restoring the Tzars and bringing Monarchy back. Communism is dead in russia, just because they aren’t capitalists means nothing, because communists are not simply economic, they are cultural. Russia kept some of the communist economics, but totally reoriented cultural and civilizational outlook on things, to spreading and protecting Christianity, presenting itself as a buklwark of Europe against the east, the protector of Europe from Islam, and threats out of the east. Its just so dishonest of you, by ANY honest measure we are safer geopolitically then since well before Obama. Can’t you just admit, that even if you disagree with some things, Trump is doing an excellent job, I just don’t understand the rabid hate. I’m a Trump Supporter, but politically I’m a nationalist, I don’t want to live in a country, like where we have been headed under both liberal and “conservative” policies, wealthy lords looming high over a mass of peasantry with no gentry, no middle class. And finally demographics, I am vested in the demographic issue, because I’m a nationalist and think the traditional majority should be perserved, and should be able to openly advocate for its own interests in polite society. But even if you don’t care what the ethnic make-up of the United States will be, and thinks somehow 100 million Non-english speaking hispanics from Latin America entering our country, will somehow end up acting culturallty just like regular americans, that idea is laughable.Even if they begin to vote and etc. and participate in the electoral system, they vote for their groups interests as a monolithic block, just like the VAST majority of blacks, and the problem with these affirmative action measures and such, is that they don’t do stuff to benefit these groups, they do stuff to handicap whites as a whole in order to help individual minorities, instead of giving points into college, you should create a program that allows liberals to volunteer to provide free tutoring while in school, and SAT college admissions tutoring. But the point is, a multicultural society, where no one group has the power, and every group is looking for their own interests to the detriment of others interests, the ONLY potentiality is balkanization. You don’t have to be racially conscious like me, to notice that balkanization is the future for america if we remain on this path.

  • chemical

    From Susan:

    In fact, humans are the only living creatures that have sex for pleasure.

    Really not true, bonobos being a strong counterexample. There is a reason why you don’t see them in zoos — they will engage in sexual acts that would make most hedonists blush.

  • chemical

    I’m a Trump Supporter, but politically I’m a nationalist, I don’t want to live in a country, like where we have been headed under both liberal and “conservative” policies, wealthy lords looming high over a mass of peasantry with no gentry, no middle class.

    This is the one sentence that sums up everything that’s wrong with your post.

    You support Trump because you’re a white nationalist, not because you care about the middle class. Trump has done more to kick the middle class in the teeth than any other president has — his tax “cuts” and tariffs are tax hikes for the poor and middle class, and all benefits go to the 1%. Your white nationalism is being used against you — basically you decided to burn your house down so I can cough on the smoke a bit, and you’re fine with that. Don’t feel too bad about it, though: You’re not the first white nationalist to be duped by Trump.

    But even if you don’t care what the ethnic make-up of the United States will be, and thinks somehow 100 million Non-english speaking hispanics from Latin America entering our country, will somehow end up acting culturallty just like regular americans, that idea is laughable.

    In 2000, George W. Bush won a slight majority of the Hispanic vote — I think it was around 51% Bush, 49% Gore. McCain’s numbers were similar, and during Obama’s first term several rising stars in the GOP were Hispanic (Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz). The turning point came in 2012, when Mitt Romney made those self-deportation comments. 25% of Hispanics voted for Romney, and 75% for Obama. There was also a white backlash around that time when bipartisan immigration reform was working its way through congress.

    As a bleeding heart liberal atheist, I would like to thank you for driving the Spanish-speaking population firmly into my camp.

  • Bruce

    How did Falwell Jr learn about Michael Cohen in the first place? It had to have been a referral by Trump himself. Which means Trump knew about Falwell’s blackmail problem and assigned his fixer to help him and thus obtain the photos himself to use on Trump’s behalf.

  • Michael Weyer

    Ah, it’s one of those odd beliefs about the animal world too many people on all sides have.

    Of course, nowhere near as stupid as the line of “Humans are the only species that kill thier own kind.” I mean, has anyone who said that watched a nature documentary?

  • chemical

    We’re not even the only species that kills each other on a large, organized scale.

  • Andre Stricker

    first of all, like all liberals you do some really funny things with numbers. George W Bush did not win anywhere close to the number, in 2000 he carried 34% of hispanic votes, and in 2004 carried nearly 40%, and this is heavily weighted towards 1 state, texas where President Bush had just come from as governor and had a close relationship with Hispanics including speaking spanish and Jeb is married to a mexican national. Additionally, they won this 1/3 of support by pandering to this group at the expense of whites, the koch brothers support open borders for cheap farm labor as all of their money is in farming. No republican has ever won a majority of hispanic votes in a Presidential election, the reason for this is simple, and why Bush got close to this is also simple. All ethnic groups, naturally have tribal instincts and vote their interests, Bush assumed that whites have no other choice, so we can support policies that only screw the white population a little bit and get 30% of the hispanic vote. So you have proved my point for me, these different people, (as is natural, its not evil its just inherently opposed to MY interests) vote according to how the community sees their interests being appealed to, and hispanics have always had an interest in making the US as hispanic is possible so that power is in their hands. Huge portions of the Hispanic electorate, openly give their fealty to Mexico,Gov. Bill Richardson, hispanic caucus chair and former dem candidate for mexico, once referred to Mexicans in the United States and Mexico as “one nation”, which, obviously they are as a nation has to be based in ethnic background, lines on a map and an economic interest will not keep a nation together, no matter how hard you try or what type of hyperbole you use. Second, I am working class, no body duped me with anything, I’m from Detroit Michigan and my family is in the coatings industry as manufacturers 1 step from the auto companies(we sell paint, to metal fabricators who sell things to ford gm and chrysler). You know nothing about me. My father came from a 1 parent home, got involved in his uncles business, and eventually started his own, at 20 he bought his first house, by the only 20’s aside from the paint business we also had a real estate rental property business, more then 20 homes, most of which my father had paid the mortage faithfully for 20+ years. 2008 comes, factories start closing en masse moving to china and mexico, most of our suppliers get put out of business by chinese corporations. Pigments as an example, my uncle went and toured a chinese factory in 2007 in shanghai. No safety gear, no masks, people live AT the factory, when the powder build up gets too heavy, they hose it into the sewers and from there into the river and water table, realised then it is IMPOSSIBLE for any American to ever compete with china. we lose all but 7 of our houses, have to fire all of our workers, me and my brother both work from 2008-2010, without paychecks, keeping the business going. I voted obama in 2008, romney 2012. One thing after another hits. Now its 2019, I’m 30. Business is better then it has been since the 90’s for us. My tax return check this year ? 11,640 back, I used to get maybe 5 grand back. Dems thought they had michigan in the bag, they would if they didn’t keep up this “kill whitey” shit. Despite your portrayal of Trump supporters as uneducated boobs, we’re well aware of Globalizations effects and how its put into action. A horse would win michigan if his platform was economic protectionism and cultural conservatism. I think thats the funniest part of this whole thing, Democrats think working class whites would somehow put what the Union says over cultural issues, after Trump, I promise you, nobody without a healthy dose of White identity politics will ever carry Working class whites as a monolithic group ever again. The point is, you lie, your numbers are false, life for everyone is better since Trump is there, in fact, the biggest problem is he’s done MORE for economic issues then White cultural issues, we want demographic security and deportation, and the next push should be natalist policies so whites can have 1 working parent and afford to have a family with multiple children. And again “thank you for driving the spanish speaking population blah blah blah” evidently you don’t know many hispanics, ivory tower liberal, most speak english as their first language, its a ethnic thing, not linguistic, but PC speech won’t allow you to admit this. Just like the lie about Trump’s base being older white men ,lmfao he won white males from 18-29 at a higher margin then over 65 white males. As the picture shows, Trump won whites in general from 18-29, but females in this age group were one of Hillary Clinton’s bastions of support, so for Trump to still win this group, he had to have overwhelming support from 18-29 White males, which coincedentally was my age group in 2016

  • Alpha 1

    “All ethnic groups, naturally have tribal instincts and vote their interest. That’s how we know that Irish immigrants will turn America over to the Pope. Vote Know-Nothing!”

    -Andre Stricker, 1852

  • chemical

    You’re not working class. You’re rich. FILTHY rich. You admitted to owning 7 houses AFTER the 2008 financial crisis — down from 20! And your father owns multiple businesses. Of course business is good for you: You’re the 1%, so of course your tax burden dipped. You were born on 3rd base and think you hit a triple. Seriously, do you think that everyone has that kind of capital to start businesses and buy multiple homes like that? News flash: Most Americans start adult life in debt and are scraping by on $30k – $40k / year. Your tax return suggests you make FAR more than that.

    You accuse me of being an ivory tower liberal, yet I have NEVER seen anyone more aloof than you, apart from Trump himself. I don’t have a rich father that I could inherit multiple businesses and houses from. Most people don’t. So, yeah, cry me a river about how oppressed you are because you only own 7 houses now and your tax return was only $5,000 during the Obama administration, and a liberal and/or brown person called you a racist because you want to deport anyone who isn’t white. Another whiny, crybaby snowflake welfare queen fussing because he only has 7 houses to live in — just like his Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

  • chemical

    This guy is honestly worse than the moron Robert, who pops in to yell at Susan every so often.

  • Andre Stricker

    thankfully, all europeans are able to be dilluted into one cultural group due to racial kinship. My wife is russian, from Russia, a Russian national. I have more in common with her culturally, then I do with the black and hispanic families in my neighborhood who have been living next to me my entire life. But what we DO know, is a huge portion of the IRA’s financial support, comes from Irish Americans. In fact according to some sources, MOST of the provisional Irish Republican Army’s funding, and that of the later underground IRA, were irish Americans, 200 years after the Irish wave, Americans with irish descent continue to provide financial support for revolutionaries back home, ain’t that something. “got you”- me ….”racist ! bad ! Orange Man bad ! does…not…compuuuuute” you,random NPC. Israel, got its original financial backing and continued support from Jewish Americans. Anglo-germanics are more or less dilluted into an American mono-ethnic identity. But i remember in school, my schooling was multi-racial the entire time, yet very segregated, different races mostly hung out with each other aside from some overlap, I played sports and so I had black kids I was really cool with on the team, but at lunch they sat with the other black kids and I sat with the white kids. the kids from europe whose parents worked here, or later in highschool were here as foreign exchange students, they hung with the white kids obviously, there was no differentiation in-group, like the 20 or 30 german kids didn’t have a german kids group, the nerdy ones hung out with the nerds and etc. Its just obvious, these differences are even more pronounced in institutions like the army, or prison. And another factor showing what you said as stupid, I live in Detroit, America’s blackest city, as well as the city with the largest arabic population in the United States, the Chaldean christian kids, the Syrian Shia kids, and the iraqi or palestinian Sunni kids all hung out with each other despite religion, because their all middle eastern. Obviously all of this can be avoided if we mixed into oblivion. Like paraguay, at its start it had racial/ethnic conflict, so the dictator, Francia outlawed White persons from marrying any other white person or reproducing together, and anulled officially, all white-white marriages. boom, one generation homogenous, this probably sounds like a great idea to someone like you, but its anathema, the apocalypse, the type of event that would make you kill yourself or rebel to me.Again, prove my point for me and can’t see the forest for the trees. Obviously as with all people race is going to come ahead of religion, “I say words ! politically incorrect bad ! racism does not compute !”- Non-playable character Alpha 1, modern day

  • Alpha 1

    The Irish aren’t white though. Cutting edge race science and modern phrenology have proven that the slovenly and ape-like Irishman is of a different breed from the upright Anglo-Saxons who built America:*hu8iTZHAaMmwByAqZ8QhlA.jpeg

  • Andre Stricker

    1% ? are you kidding me ? my mom’s side of the family were Arkies, migrants from Arkansas to Detroit during the great depression seeking work. My father grew up in a working class family, with a drunken father who left him at 6. My great grandfather is buried in the Paupers cemetery, paid for by the city of detroit after no one in the family had the money to pay for it. We own 7 houses that all operate at a loss as far as rents, none of the rents charged even cover the mortgage let alone taxes. Our business does maybe 2 million a year, of which, my father takes home as his paycheck, 120,000, my mother’s job generates 85 thousand a year. my annual salary, is 65,000 a year. we have a business that until recently, barely survived, couldnt afford to pay a single employee. I have 15,000 in cash in savings, and 10,000 in the stock market as an asset. My father has maybe 100,000 dollars in savings as cash, and around 1 million in assests counting properties, and stocks, and the original 20 houses we had, it took 35 years to acquire them starting at 21 in 1980 and it took 6 months to lose all of them right after obama took office, oh and used our taxes to bail out the banks who gleefully collected our mortage payments and then sold our houses including one my grandfather had built with his bare hands. Me, my Parents, my brother, and my sister together, all maybe have 1 million dollars if we sold everthing, paid off the mortgages, and took the cash in hand. No one in my family, has ANYWHERE near, the level of income or savings to be 1%, I’d grant you maybe the top 25% of income. And not working class ? i work with my hands all day, how did we get these things ? work, we do all house repairs ourself, we do all car repairs ourself, we bought and installed a car lift at the shop so we have everything we need. I’d be broke to if we spent every penny paying somebody to repair the fridge or install a new roof or change the breaks for 500 bucks. I come over covered in volatile chemical compounds, every single day. I have to use heavy industrial solvents on my skin, to remove paint. Not working class ? I WORK, with my hands, EVERY day. When I finish work at the shop, I come home and fix the house or car or whatever else.

  • Alpha 1

    It’s incredible. He thinks he’s working class because his dad owns 7 houses, he’s terrified of white genocide, and he thinks the greatest philistine of all time will defend “european culture.” He’s the platonic ideal of a Trump supporter. All that’s missing is an investment in Iraqi Dinars.

  • Andre Stricker

    trump the greatest phillistine of all time. pft, before this the name Trump was synonymous with high-class. and again I AM working class, if I go to the bar, which decidedly is rare because I hate substances they make a person weak, I go to the local honky tonk, I’ve grown up surrounded by union workers, big three auto executives have been over to our house for wine tastings. We belong to the same country club Jimmy Hoffa used to play golf at. And again, my income in 2018, with stock dividends, my regular paycheck, and a few other income streams reported, was just under 80 thousand and i got back 11 thousand from the trump tax cuts. in 2014 it was 52 thousand and i got 5 grand back on taxes. my Dad however, who does make more, got back nothing, obviously losses reported made a huge difference in the amount he had to pay in, but still. If a couple making, ok, at most 250 thousand in a year, pay in on their taxes, and somebody making 80 grand gets double the amount back he would have gotten under Obama, to me it looks like its going in the right direction. and as far as 7 houses that you keep bringing up, you forgot to mention we had TWENTY, that we put blood and sweat into, and paid on for decades, some of them were empty lots we built houses on, not paid somebody to build, that WE built, and the Obama administration sat back and let them get taken by these jewish banking crooks.

  • Alpha 1

    ” and again I AM working class

    “We belong to the same country club Jimmy Hoffa used to play golf at.”

  • Michael Weyer

    “The name of Trump was synoymous with high class.”

    Wow…I mean…wow. The man who puts his name in gold on buildings, a reality TV show host, sang the “Green Acres” theme at the Emmys, made numerous movie/TV cameos, his own Comedy Central roast and brags about his multiple affairs was “high class?”

    And using this line “Jewish banking crooks” reaaaaaaly doesn’t help the “I’m not a bigot’ defense.

  • Andre Stricker

    and 1 final thing, my dad didn’t have anyone to inherit from, he worked, saved his money, and started investing young and it paid off, and obviously anything you build you build to pass on to your children….. not doing it for the black dudes who jump the fence around the parking lot to steal your car unless you happen to see them on the security camera and have to run outside armed to scare them off because Detroit police won’t respond unless someone has been shot.

  • Alpha 1

    Once again, we see that Trump is a stupid person’s idea of what a rich person is like.

  • Andre Stricker

    never claimed I’m not a bigot. well maybe I do, I don’t believe racism is real as a “social justice” concept, its merely freedom of association being exercised. Being able to treat an individual with respect, means your not a bigot, and choosing to help my own people first, if I have extra to help anyone, doesn’t make you a bigot either. and most banks ARE jew-centric. as far as the Trump thing, he was a super star, people would pay to use the name trump, he was SO synonymous with class that he was able to brand his freaking name.But the preference for your own kind, is as natural as a sunrise or sunset. you want to see a bigot, go look at twitter feeds in some of the “black twitter” circles, when that little boy got eaten by an alligator in Orlando. supposedly IM the evil one….but you would NEVER catch me, in public, private, or in my own private thoughts if you could read minds, being gleeful about the death of a child, ANY child.

  • chemical

    I blocked Andre. Honestly, it’s not worth talking to him. Guy thinks owning only 7 houses and multiple businesses makes him working class, and thinks that the Trump name is synonymous with high class, and not the gaudy, gold-plated garbage that it actually is.

    It did make me appreciate the conservative regulars here a bit more, though. At least they’re somewhat level headed and, I daresay, not racist.

  • Michael Weyer

    Yeah, I may have issues with some of Illinois Patriot’s views but I respect he’s very well worded and gives detailed defense of his words and while he may fall into “left is a hive mind” mentality, free of open racism.

  • Andre Stricker

    lmfao call me a snowflake ! blocking someone with a different set of ideas or moral foundation. I’m not the one sending personal attacks at all

  • Alpha 1

    I think having guys like Andre pop us from time to time is useful, if unpleasant. After all Trump has a 90% approval rating among republicans, and it’s important to have a reminder of what his base is like.

  • Andre Stricker

    better believe it. and we are not going ANYWHERE, the social media blackout won’t make us not exist, and won’t change our voting patterns, and things like the new zealand shooting situation, should show you where a multicultural west is headed. I’d rather avoid that type of situation because I don’t like to see people hurt, but if you put someone’s back against the wall “your going extinct, we are demographically replacing you, and there’s nothing you can do about it so shut up evil bigot”…. you better come to expect a backlash, because we are NOT few in number, my views expressed at a trump rally, people don’t even have time to blink before agreeing. and I’ve been to 9 of them

  • Andre Stricker

    hilarious that someone calling herself a right winger like Susan Wright, has a forum filled with leftists

  • chemical

    Those comments make me wonder what color the sky is in his universe.

  • Alpha 1

    Red, white and black, if you catch my drift…

  • Andre Stricker

    lmfao, my great grandfather used to believe this. good times. genetics is a bitch though, we know on the female side all europeans come from 1 or a combination of, 7 mitochondrial lineages, and almost all europeans, on the patrilineal side are either R1 A or B, depending on East or West, and we know, R1, is the the signature lineage of the Aryans, or in politically correct speech “indo-europeans” or Kurgans, or in PC new speak “Early Eurasian Neolithic Nomad culture”

  • Alpha 1

    You realize I was mocking the same kind of race science you’re unironically doing here?

  • Andre Stricker

    of course, the phrenology stuff you quoted, my great grandfather Augustuv believed in this, thought the irish were drunken louts. But what i referenced is modern genetics, and the most recent conclusions of Indo-european studies at the university level,adapting to the new genetics knowledge to eliminate a number of the competing origin theories for European people. Because just in the last year, 1, Marija Gumbatas theory has been shown to be the correct one genetically. That modern europeans are native to central Asia not europe, and migrated into Europe, and the population basically exterminated and replaced the native europeans with very little admixture

  • Andre Stricker

    the 7 daughters of eve, thing, mitochondrial DNA, it is race science, but its not pseudo-science. It just happened to confirm SOME of the conclusions of old school scientific racialism, while disproving alot of phrenology

  • Michael Weyer

    A key reason why his followers still totally buy Trump’s “blue collar billionaire” line.

  • Alpha 1

    Now that I think about it, “class politics where control of resources is replaced with cultural signifiers” works pretty well as a description of Trumpism.

  • JASmius

    Something tells me the junk pics didn’t involve Mrs. Falwell. Something also tells me JFJ was sexting young hotties in his spare time, not unlike our old friend, Anthony Wiener. Maybe Senor Granada was also a recipient of these pics. Or perhaps Senor Granada’s true “mission” was to “satisfy” Mrs. Falwell when JFJ was no longer capable of doing so. Maybe Senor Granada took the junk pics. Why else would a literal pool boy with no relevant education or experience have been just given almost two million dollars to found and run a non-profit organization out of the blue for no remotely justifiable reason?

    Whatever the details, it seems abundantly clear that Trump blackmailed JFJ into supporting his presidential candidacy. Nobody is as toadyingly obsequious as he’s been towards Trump unless there’s either something in it for him or somebody (i.e. Trump) has something devastating on him that he’s terrified of being made public. Why else would Cohen have kept one (or more) of the pics?

    That scumbags hypocrites, and frauds like this are running the country – while pretending to be and calling themselves “conservatives” – certainly puts a counter-spin on “MAGA”, does it not?

  • chemical

    Respectfully disagree. I’m of the opinion JFJ has always been morally bankrupt, and, to use an analogy, sold his soul to the devil for short term political gains. After all, if JFJ was an actual bastion of morality, nobody would be able to blackmail him.

    As for Cohen keeping a picture: Well, he’s no saint, either, and is currently doing time for lying for Trump. I’ve said before that he is the smartest Trump toady, because he correctly jumped ship when the USS Trump hull breached.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Absolutely agree. That Trump was blackmailing JFJ was one option I had not considered until this article.

    It certainly sounds like Trump’s mode of doing business.

    That Cohen would admit to his part in the scheme indicates that he now sees more down-side than up-side to keeping quiet about the pics. Perhaps because those pics were taken in the raid on his office/apartment and have been in prosecutors’ hands ? Perhaps the loss of control of Cohen’s blackmail information on various Trump supporters was a significant factor in Cohen’s decisions to no longer support Trump no-matter-what.

    Very little else makes sense – certainly not someone with the history that Cohen has suddenly turning on Trump “because it’s the right thing to do” or out of any sense of morality or decency….

  • mudskipper

    Dolphins are another really strong counter example.

  • sometypeofguy

    Yes. Evangelicals fell over themselves to endorse and defend Trump. James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Mike Pence. So many of them sold out. To think that JFJ somehow needed to be blackmailed into selling his soul like the rest of them is ridiculous. He’s just a run of the mill sleaze.

  • Principled Conservative

    My guess is that there was something going on between Jr and the pool boy. But no big deal, right? Evangelicals have completely turned their backs on morality and so-called family values. Boys will be boys.