Neighbors December 17, 2005

Today was a beautiful day for a neighbor, as Mr. Rogers would sing, and Calvary Baptist Church has some of the finest neighbors around.

Calvary is located in the most incredible neighborhood. The Penn Quarter/Chinatown neighborhood is undergoing revitalization and as a result the church, which has been here for all the ups and downs since, oh, about the time Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, is gaining some wonderful new residents, all of them our new neighbors.

All the neighbors gathered tonight for the annual Penn Quarter Neighborhood Association Gala, held at the National Building Museum. The food was provided by the restaurants in the neighborhood and, believe me, it was incredible.

The best part of the evening (besides the Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream on top) was that all of our neighbors showed up with donations of toys for Calvary’s Horizon’s Club and for our partner project the Miracle on Seventh Street.

Here’s a picture of Horizon’s Club member Ferlando, who helped helped stack and haul all the toys; next week Calvary members will be in and out of the church everyday during the week to wrap and label gifts. What a great community effort to provide a Christmas for so many kids who would not have one otherwise.

Yes, whenever I think about the word “neighbors” I always think of Mr. Rogers’ hokey song. It IS hokey, but I think on nights like tonight I really echo his sentiments: Penn Quarter friends, I’ve always wanted to have neighbors just like you!

Thanks for all the partnership and potential to make a big difference in our community.

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