Pride March 4, 2006

We began Lent a week early for the sole reason that we’ve started a series on the Seven Deadly Sins and there are only SIX Sundays in Lent! We Baptists have been messing around with the church liturgy for so long that one more adjustment shouldn’t hurt too much . . . . Last Sunday was pride and the altar was decorated with sack cloth for mourning, and purple for the sin of pride. Resident artist Caroline Armijo helped create the look . . . stay tuned for more to come!

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  • Onajourney2b

    hmm…i like how im not a link on your blog sigh…(LivinLifeLessOrdinary)

    pride. what a hard one to overcome…but they are all deadly sins…one)b/c the physically harm you 2) b/c they are so slight…that we don’t take them seriously. they are like termites slowly eating away at our soul until there is a mountain of sawdust between us and God.

    …may we all learn that what we glorify during this lenten season…HE was nailed to the cross for a reason. For these little things…

  • Will

    Hi Amy

    That was a wonderful how you got the pulpit on the seven deadly sins.

    My last church I attend that the pulpit was dull their was no personality. It just the strait format of a church. Yes you guest it. Like one of those Catholic church.

    For me at Calvary it like going to a church that something new to hear and see every Sunday. Knowing what going on. If you new in church at lease you’re not lost when to sit or stand. Their a people always their to show how to read a hymn book. HA HA HA! I just remember that my first time reading a hymn book after the first line. In my mine were are they geting this words from. Don’t forget if you haven’t been to church don’t worry ask someone their be gladly show how to read it.

    I’m looking forward to the next Sunday Service. A bird told me it going to be orange. An Amy If their a summery on all the deadly sin RED wood be the color. You know apple the one that got us all in trouble in the first please.

    I what you to have a good week.

    Your Friend