Hanging of the Greens: An Open Letter of Thanks

Hanging of the Greens: An Open Letter of Thanks December 1, 2006

Some of the young adults at Calvary organized the Hanging of the Greens Monday night, just to make sure our sanctuary is ready for Advent.

I dropped in after Church Council meeting and it was apparent there was everyone was having a lot of fun setting things up. I left them to their busy work soon after, but when I came in this morning it was apparent that WAY more fun was had after I left.

(Sigh. What’s new?)

After walking into the sanctuary Tuesday morning I rolled in the aisle for awhile, laughing. I decided an open letter of thanks to the group who decorated was definitely in order.

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for showing up to decorate the sanctuary last night. It looked so beautiful when I left. Imagine my surprise, then, when I came in this morning to see it looking even MORE beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Of course my favorite part was the tinsel around the pulpit . . . (do you think it will clash with my hair at all?). I believe it truly communicates the star quality of our church staff. If the Care and Upkeep Committee would work on getting a spotlight (and maybe a disco ball?) I think the look will be complete.

I also think the Santa on the Christ Candle is particularly appropriate as recent scholarship suggests that Jesus and Santa could, in fact, have been the same person. At any rate, it’s becoming more and more likely that Jesus actually did come to earth at the North Pole rather than in Bethlehem. (Who knew?) And, as we all know, Jesus looked especially fetching in red velvet.

I’d like to say again I am so grateful for the way this congregation interprets the gospel through visual media; what a gift to be part of such a creative and innovative community. I think I’ll sign off now so I can go set up the Christmas tree in the baptistery (blinking colored lights, I’m thinking).

Love you guys!

A(Note to readers: in case there’s any confusion, Santa and all tinsel will be removed before Sunday.)

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  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome.

  • Will

    Hi Amy

    O well I forgotten about the hanging of the greens. Remembering last year very well. We had to delay the putting up the greens that a member had pass to and they had a remembers service for what they did in there life. We all when to lunch. When we got back it was still going on. After the service ended we started to unpack to boxes. For each side had to have the same loop size and finding out if we should hang it over or under rails. We had to run to the store for metal wires to keep the green from falling down. After we got going we started to ask. Should we put the green thought the small hole or over the rails of the boucany. Time started to go fast. By the time we got half way point the Burmese congregation was starting to coming in the worship that day. So we had to end the hanging the greens. We started to email one another. In the end all was hanged, all was nice, we was amazed who beautiful it were Christmas bring so much to a church.

    Dear Lord You have brighten your son to the world. The best gift that you given is ever lasting life. A forgiveness for owner sins. To love other as we love owner self. The New Testament that SOO COOL!!! And also that the gift that we keep on giving throw the year. Also Christmas Holiday. Saint Nicklaus brings us some hope as well as you O Lord. The love and joy that you bring to us. As my bring thus how has no hope. And seeing that the green stands for life that bring out thought out the wilderness. Were All GOD animals and birds lives as we live in owner own homes. We ask that we will don’t forget the homeless person has not hope. My we bring some hope as you brought hope to us. In Jesus name Amen.

    You’re Friend