The Baptists Are Coming, Part 1

The Baptists Are Coming, Part 1 June 15, 2007

The Baptists are coming.

I was trying to explain to Washington Post Religion reporter Michelle Boorstein exactly what that means for our city, but found I was having trouble. How do you articulate what it means when 6,000 Baptists come to town? (And who knew there was an actual Baptist flag? I kid you not.)

My point exactly.

In two weeks American Baptist Churches USA and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship are overlapping for their big annual and bi-annual gatherings. To make things even more exciting, this is the 100th anniversary of the Northern Baptist Convention (now ABC USA), which was founded here at Calvary.

(You may find me hiding under my desk.)

This means many things for our city and our congregation, so many that the whole experience will require several posts. To begin, I share a 7-minute video recounting the history of this church, which was created to give folks a general overview.

More on tours, historical displays and archival adventures and what they mean for this church (and for my quickly-disappearing sanity) in future blogs.

In the meantime, hang onto your hats: the Baptists are coming!
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  • LeAnn Gunter

    Indeed, we are Amy!! I hope we get to see each other at some or any of the meetings. Hope you are doing well. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  • Chuck

    Frankly, I like the flag with the Union Jack better.

  • Tripp Hudgins

    Aha! Yes we are! Clear off the couch. We plan on staying a while.

  • Anonymous

    sigh..i wont get to be there…blah…miss yall. see you in september.

  • theobilly

    Could there be a pledge to the Baptist Flag also?

    All those baptists swarming around town I would buy a couple dozen donuts (universal baptist delight) so when they come buzzing around you can distract them long enough by throwing a few at them and escape for a few more minutes.